Gasparilla SUP Invasion 2016: Race Recap

This was my first race since November last year, well actually I did sign up for a race a few weeks back but that one was cancelled due to race conditions being too dangerous. Anyways, I was so excited for this race because it was in TAMPA, FL… All my family lives there so it was going to be a fun weekend with everyone!

I had my aunts and uncles come to the race to cheer me on, which was awesome but the event quickly turned for the worse…

Here’s what happened:

  1. First of all, parking was 15 dollars!
  2. You had to walk your board about a half mile to the dock
  3. The race was supposed to start at 10:20 am, we didn’t get started until 11 am.. Oh and it was 90 degrees outside!
  4. The dock was a single file line that took forever because it was super small with a long path to the actual dock
  5. There was no picture of the course for racers to look at, which made it difficult to picture in your head where to go exactly
  6. No one knew the buoys were little white crab trap buoys! Who does that??!!
  7. We all missed the first buoy! Going a half mile further, until the police came from behind us telling everyone to turn around. They should have told my friend, Brad, who was in the lead to turn around first so the order of the Elite class would not be messed up
  8. About 3-5 people turned around (those people ended up beating us all) and they were also in the back of the group to begin with…
  9. The rest of us, about 12 people sat in the water discussing what to do next since the race was now messed up
  10. We decided to start from there and create the race again, so we did
  11. Times were really messed up because we stopped for about 15 minutes and then stopped after the first lap because the race director didn’t know what was happening
  12. Then half the group went in due to frustration and the rest of us did the second half of the course to finish the race
  13. A 6 mile race turned into over 7 miles of confusion
  14. Plus, boat traffic was insane, so many boats!
  15. Also, the race finished around 1 pm but awards weren’t until 4!! Who wants to wait around for a piece of paper, I heard that’s what the trophies were because I left before the awards since times were so screwed up
  16. Overall, it was a mess

The good thing was I got a great workout in and meet some really cool paddlers out on the water!

Here are some pictures from the race:


Paddling in Tampa, FL


Going under the bridge


Trying to finish


The start


When we were discussing what we all were going to do

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7 Things Serious Standup Paddleboarder’s Never Want to Hear

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Paddle at the Point: Race Recap 9/19/2015

It was a beautiful day after a week of rain and clouds. The sun was shining and it was bringing intense heat, especially since there was no wind. With temperatures around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, I knew it was going to be a brutal race.

The Start

This race beat me up bad. Never felt so unprepared for a race but learning to lose and figuring out what you need to work on is actually something I need. I need to play around with my diet and training. It’s tough training alone because I never push myself but I’m going to have to figure out a way to do that.

This week at work and moving into a new house has been so stressful. I knew I’ve been tired, I think it’s time for a mini vacation or even just a simple massage.

However, to talk about the race, I have a lot of suggestions for the race coordinator. It all started when I showed up. Registering online was easy.

Things the race did well:

  1. They had a lot of safety boats and police along the course.
  2. Gave out t-shirts
  3. Money prizes for some elite divisions
  4. Informative racers meeting
  5. Good live music afterwards

Things the race did poorly:

  1. The venue and place to put your boards in was not easy.
  2. The elite race had to wait 15/20 minutes in the sun before the start
  3. No photos were taken in the water, the Men’s 14 Elite had a photo finish so there was no proof as to who actually deserved first place
  4. No trophies were given, unless you count a bead necklace as a trophy
  5. Money is mailed to you (We will see if it comes)
  6. The race was expensive
  7. The food wasn’t great and water to drink was tough to find after the race
  8. Only three bathrooms
  9. No raffles
  10. Not a good race to watch if you are a spectator

Overall, I’m not too happy about the race itself. Most races are so fun after all the races are done but this one didn’t really have many vendors or places to socialize. Hopefully, the race director fixes some things up for the next one. We will see.

The Elite Women

Congrats to all the racers that competed this weekend! And to my HovieSUP teammate, Kieran Grant, for winning the Men’s 14 Elite and $2,000.

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Results                     Facebook                  Website

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Standup Paddleboard Race Results: SUP Sarasota Series Race #3

Finally got back out on my board and was able to race this past weekend. It blows my mind how most college students would rather be sleeping or partying instead of outside, especially when you live in Florida. The weather for this race was absolutely gorgeous. It was a little cooler out and not windy. The sun was shining and everyone was smiling. The conditions were perfect.

Paddleboards!So many paddleboards! There were over 100 paddlers there to enjoy the sights and do something they love. The race started at 9:45 am and was a grueling 6.5 mile paddle. The start was from the water so that was my first time doing that. Everyone lines up already in the water on their boards and then suddenly, the air horn goes and the race BEGINS! It all happens so fast!

The StartI would recommend definitely getting a camel bak or something before deciding to paddle a race as fast as you can for over 6 miles.. WARNING: YOU WILL GET THIRSTY! I made that little error. I was so dehydrated. Not good.

RacersThis is a map of the race course. It’s a beautiful course. So much wildlife and blue water. And it’s right in my backyard. I love it so much!

SarasotaSUPOct12CourseMapHere is the links to the results:

And here are some more pictures. RedBull, Kona Brewing Co and HovieSUP were all sponsors of the event so a big thanks to them!


CIMG4087I ended up placing 3rd for the Women’s 12’6″ Elite Division, which is awesome! I didn’t think I was going to even place. I haven’t had time to train because school gets in the way. My board is in Sarasota, which isn’t easy for me to get to. So I had to just try and keep up with these super fit women. Everyone was so good!


DCIM104GOPROAdditional Links: – SUP Sarasota Facebook Page – My Facebook Page – Sarasota SUP Race Series website

A Day on the Water: Paddleboard Training

Today was an absolutely amazing day to be out on the water. And the great thing is I can go in between class. I find myself so fortunate to be able to do what I love when I want.

Ringling Bridge


The weather was great, a little windy, more like a lot… 15 mph, gusting 20 mph. But when that wind was pushing you, you felt like you were flying. Paddleboarding is the most exhausting sport I’ve done. It makes my whole body tired.. back, arms, abs… woooweeee.


This upcoming Saturday, I have a paddleboard race so my friend and I went out to practice the race course. About 6 miles of grueling, nonstop (well I stopped to film some manatees :)) paddling. Well worth it. This is me after the paddle. It was so much fun!

After shot

I will post again after the race! It’s going to be so exciting. If you have never witnessed a paddleboard race, you should look into it or better yet, just enter for yourself.

Also, here is a little video of all the manatees I got to paddle with today! I can’t believe so many of them were all around me.

Paddling With Manatees!