Battle on the Blueway SUP Race Recap: 06/11/2016

Race Day: June 11, 2016 – 8:30 AM start time, 7 miles


  • Flat
  • No wind
  • Partly cloudy
  • 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 90 percent humidity


5:15 am wake-up, I’m on the road by 5:25 am and start my trek to Ft. Myers Beach, FL. Arrived at the beach around 7:10. The weather was perfect, this week we had so much rain (a tropical storm even!) so it was so nice to not have a thunderstorm.

Check-in was easy, the shirts they give you at this race are my favorite of any race. A nice long sleeve and since I paid $85.00 to enter and $15.00 to park this shirt better be made of silk. Very expensive race. But that’s probably because there is $10,000 given out to top finishers.

Major prize money races include Ron Jon Pro 7 Mile Men’s 14 & 12’6” and Women’s 12”6”. Please see break down of prize money below.

1st – $1400
2nd – $850
3rd – $500
4th – $250
5th – $100


I placed 7th and was really happy with it. I had a great start and a great finish, but just have to work on the endurance in the middle. There were three laps of about 2.5 miles each. The first lap I felt great, then hit a wall on the 2nd lap and then the 3rd lap, I felt good again… Figures.

Anyways, they had Jason’s Deli for lunch, which if you know me, then you know its my ultimate favorite place to eat! So that was awesome. And we got to try out the new Hobie Eclipse. It’s like an elliptical on water!

It was great to see everyone. These SUP races make me feel so less isolated. During the week, I’m so tired and busy with work that I never see anyone. These races remind me that I have friends and cool people do exist!


Can’t wait for the next one! But that’s probably not until August. I’ll be training in the meantime 🙂

Race websites:

Facebook              Results



5K SUP & RUN: Race Recap May 21, 2016

Everything about this race was awesome! Finally, after my last two races were a waste of money, I was so excited to have a race be everything that I have hoped for. I don’t know whats been going on with races lately but they have been going downhill and up in price…

This race was just a 30 dollar entry fee and it went to a good cause: Operation Second Chance. It is so inspirational to be racing alongside veterans who were wounded, injured or ill fighting for our country. It was incredible!

The race did start at 8 a.m. SHARP! which was actually a good thing. It was already 85 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 percent humidity. Gotta love Florida. And the race did start on time, how awesome is that!

So right away we started with the 5K RUN. This was tricky, wasn’t sure how hard to push it. Let me tell you though, it’s much easier to catch people during the run. It’s so much more difficult on a paddleboard. I had one woman in front of me going into the 5K SUP.

So right after the run, you go to your board, rip you shoes and socks off and put on your pfd then you jump on your board. It is so weird to go from running to stopping your legs to paddle. Your arms also feel really awkward moving in a different motion.

In about 2 hours, all the racers were done and awards were right away! RIGHT AWAY! Everything was done by 10:15. It was so nice to not have to wait around for hours and hours like most races. Also, the food spread that they had was so good: bagels, cookies, brownies, bananas, fruit snacks, pulled pork and FREE BEER for EVERYONE!! Spectators included.


I really enjoyed everything about this race, everyone received a medal and an Operation Second Chance coin. If you were a top finisher you got a trophy, 200 dollars cash, and three months free to YouFit gyms. Not just a cupcake like another race did yesterday.


Here I am with my friend Brad at the end of the race. He won the 5K RUN & SUP for the Men and I won for the Women! Always fun sharing the stage with your friends.

I worked so hard to catch the woman that was in front of me. I caught her around mile two in the SUP Race and then just kept a steady pace to keep the lead. It was so difficult making up for lost time in the run. Next year, I will definitely push myself more in the run to get a good start in the paddle.

More info on the race:

Facebook                          Results                      Operation Second Chance

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Paddlefest: Sup Race Recap Nov. 14, 2015

I signed up just hours before this race, so happy I didn’t have to work that Saturday and got to compete instead. My last race didn’t go too well, which makes me super eager to get out there again. The race was about an hour from my house at Manasota Key, a place I’ve never paddled before.

Manasota Key

First thoughts: it was cold (first cold front in Florida), windy, and an unfamiliar place so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. The race director changed the course due to conditions, which actually shortened the course by over 1 mile. That’s okay with me!

We did not go out into the Gulf of Mexico

We did not go out into the Gulf of Mexico

For breakfast I had a lot of water and a Quest bar 2 hours before race time. I also tried OX Endurance formula for the first time before the race. And I really liked it! I think it gave me an extra boost! It did hydrate me as well! I felt good throughout the length of the course, which is awesome.

The start of the race was not too good. No one knew when to go, there was a warning horn that some thought was the starting horn and then with the confusion, the race started. It was a mess in the beginning but thankfully, I started in a good place. But others weren’t as lucky.

This race had some different rules then most. You could not draft any watercraft until after the first buoy turn, which was over 1 mile away. This rule definitely helped me, I’m not a huge fan of pulling people, so I tried to snag a lead early. And then, the race director said you could draft anyone of any board size or class. I ended up getting right behind a guy on a 14′ and then had a guy on a prone board behind me.

Hoviesup Team

Overall, the race was well done. There was a decent BBQ afterwards and vendors. It was a lot of fun. The location was great and it was easy to unload your boards. The race had awards for Top Finishers and a raffle afterwards. Not too shabby.

I ended up placing 1st in the Women’s Elite 12’6″! Woohooo

DSC02485 Results

My HovieSUP team did really well! Having multiple riders place in several divisions.

Congrats to:

Here are some links with more information Paddlefest:

Website                 Facebook                 Results

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Nutrition: Quest Bars

I love sports bars, nutrition bars, whatever you want to call them. However, I have been looking for a bar that has less sugar, more protein, more flavor, that’s filling but not too filling, and overall nutritious.

I recently discovered Quest Bars and I don’t know why it took me so long! I have tried a lot of nutrition bars and Quest Bars, by far, beat the competition.

Why I became a Quest Bar junkie:

1. I CAN GET MY CHOCOLATE FIX: Quest Bar has so many flavors. Flavors like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Chocolate Brownie that are almost like eating a candy bar. However, they have about 20 grams of protein and loads of fiber. And are under 200 calories! With only 1 gram of sugar. It is truly amazing. If you heat up Chocolate Brownie in the microwave for 15 seconds, it will taste like an actual brownie!



2. THEY ARE SIMPLE: Simple meaning, I can put one in my purse or backpack and be ready to go. I don’t have to worry about them melting in the heat and making a mess, like most bars that have chocolate.


APPLE PIE! While at work!

3. THEY ARE SATISFYING: Quest Bars are great for anyone who doesn’t want to mindlessly snack. If I eat one for breakfast with a banana, my stomach doesn’t even think about food. My mind isn’t distracted by hunger so I can get more work done. They don’t make you feel overly full either. I feel satisfied and healthy after eating a Quest Bar.

4. THEY ENERGIZE ME FOR RACING: I would eat a Quest Bar before a Paddleboard Race and I wouldn’t get hungry while racing or feel like I over ate. It was the perfect balance. Just drink some water with it and eat it an hour and a half before race time and you’ll be ready to go! I only tested it before running, playing tennis, and paddleboarding but I think it will energize you for any sport. It is also great for after racing. After a race, I feel kind of sick because my body has just worked so hard but I know I need to get something in me, so I eat a Quest Bar to help the recovery process.

Quest Bars fuel me for paddle boarding

Quest Bars fuel me for paddle boarding

5. THEY ARE HEALTHY: With only 1 gram of sugar, 20 grams of protein, less than 200 calories, about 19 grams of Fiber and roughly 5 ingredients, Quest Bars are truly incredible. Nowadays, it is difficult to find simple nutrition facts but not with Quest Bars.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

6. THEY TASTE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER BAR I HAVE TRIED: I am serious. I liked every flavor. I have my favorites but with such a variety, if you are picky about chocolate, fruit, peanut butter, coconut, etc. you’ll sure find a flavor that you love! I don’t like anything coconut but I tried Coconut Cashew, AND I LIKED IT! I even told myself I wasn’t going to and I did. Same with the Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor. I do not like jelly. Never have! However, I liked this flavor! It wasn’t my favorite but it’s tough to compete against Cookies & Cream.

The one thing I don’t like:

1. THE PRICE: I am a college student and I don’t make a lot of money. I feel bad spending so much money on few little bars. So I only buy Quest Bars when I have important races coming up or a long run. Sometimes, I will just occasionally treat myself. 🙂

After writing this, I realize that if price is the only thing I don’t like, that is silly. I should buy what I want, these aren’t a huge expenditure.

Best Package EVER!

Best Package EVER!

Overall, Quest Bars are amazing! I’m going to work harder now because if I could get sponsored, then all my problems will be solved! I would eat them every day, but I don’t want to spoil myself. When I see people eating them, I get jealous. THAT IS HOW GOOD THEY ARE!

You will become #addicted.

For more on Quest Bars:

Website                    Facebook                     Instagram                 Twitter

Are You Hungry For Some “LeftOvers?”

For some time now, I’ve been helping out another local blogger with some photography:

The end result is titled “LeftOvers” because it’s a lot of leftover footage that hasn’t been used yet from many days of filming. When the hard drive gets full on your computer, you have to do a big clean up to make space so this video was of a bunch of scraps thrown together, hence the name, “LeftOvers.” So in this video, I did a majority of the shooting but he did all the editing. It’s full of action and I’m sure there will be plenty more videos to come in the future. Maybe I will even be in one soon, who knows! 🙂

But here it is! All you need is less than 2 minutes to watch.

Also, if you are interested in trying the sport of kiteboarding or you already kiteboard, he’s a good one to ask any questions to about gear or anything kite related. He taught me, so I give him the thumbs up! He definitely is good at what he does. It’s fun, anyone can do it, and it’s a great workout. I recommend giving it a try!

Running Technique: Arm Movement

Running is not just all legs, your arms actually set the tempo. The faster you pump your arms the faster your legs will go. It seems so simple. Do you want to run faster and more efficiently? Say YES! Next time you go out running, don’t change your stride length but instead, concentrate on your arms. Let me know if your overall run was different. Whether you are a beginner or an elite runner, watch this helpful video on Arm Movement. Even if you already consider yourself an elite runner, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of technique and being a beginner, this will help you get started on the right track!

I love running and being a runner, I know that there is always room for improvement and tips to help me keep moving forward. I will continue to post videos on running technique. I watched this video on Arm Movement and immediately went out to focus on my arms. It’s good to go out on a run with a purpose. Keep on running and keep working on that technique!

Thank you for reading!

Kite Boarding in the Florida Keys

If you haven’t been to the Florida Keys yet, I suggest you go. It is so pretty, so nice, and so perfect for… Kite Boarding. For all of you who don’t know what kite boarding is… let me explain. It is a water sport were you have your feet strapped into a board… sort of like a wakeboard, if that helps… and then you have a harness around your waist that connects you to a kite. The size of the kites I used this past weekend were 10 and 12 meters big. Now that’s a big kite. It took me awhile to get past the stage of thinking I was going to die if I strapped that to myself. But it is very rare for someone to die. As long as you know all the safety features and don’t go out in a hurricane you should be fine.

The Keys are a perfect Vacation Destination!

This weekend was crazy. I went with my boyfriend, Drew, who has been doing the sport for a few years. He is a kite boarding instructor so he also brought along one of his students, Ian, who is around my level. The first day we got there, I was excited and not at all scared of what may happen. We started riding and were going to do a downwind 8 mile trek from one beach to another. Everything was going good. I’m riding, going left and right, and having no trouble. It was great! However, I see myself getting too far ahead of Ian so I stop so I can wait. He catches up and we continue. But as I was standing there I took a few steps and felt like I was walking through fire! My legs were burning! I look down to find a jellyfish wrapped around both of my legs right below my wetsuit. Figures that would happen. It was so painful. Then I rode over to where Drew and Ian were. Ian had just crashed his kite into a patch of bushes on a island. So once again I stood up to wait, while in agonizing pain next thing I know, my kite falls right out of the sky, tangling itself in its lines on the way down… Great. Just great. I hop on the island to help Ian out with untangling his lines while Drew fixes mine. Fun times.  

As we were untangling, a man came up to us on a boat, yelling that we were on private property and he was going to call the cops… what a jerk. We had nowhere to go, our kites were a mess, and we were on an island! It’s people like that that I can’t stand. Thankfully, we got the kites back up in the sky and were up and riding before anything happened. As we continued on, the wind slowly started to die… NOT GOOD! Makes riding very difficult, especially for beginners, like myself and Ian. As I was riding, I was looking for Ian’s kite and didn’t see it in the sky, which worried me. I forgot what I was doing and crashed. I crashed in the one spot that I couldn’t stand! I was being dragged and when I fell I lost my board. I was panicking. Thankfully, Drew helped me get the kite up and he also found my board. Thank goodness. He also told me Ian broke a line so he was stuck further up on land. I get up to try and ride again to get to the beach we were so close to reaching, however, I repeated the last scenario… being dragged and lost my board. But this time Drew couldn’t find it. I finally make my way to shore in a panic. Drew then has to go to the end point where our cars were parked. Ian, Drew and I were spread out all over. And it was getting dark. As I was on shore, I look out and see my board floating its way to shore right by me! Thankfully someone gave Ian a ride to the beach and Drew came to get me. We all were back together at last!

This trip was quite the experience. So much action and that was only one day! The next day was action packed too but nothing like what happened the day before. It was pretty crazy. Check out the video I made from the trip. And if you are interested in kite boarding check out: Drew’s Blog.

Finding time to do everything

The past two days have been awesome! I played golf, went kiteboarding, and completed a high ropes course! So sick. I woke up and my legs were like noooo… so tired! My arms are so sore too! It’s great! So at golf… there wasn’t too much intensity. But I hit well considering I don’t play. I got par on a few holes! Haha. What made it more fun was bringing a GoPro out there so I made an edit of our time at the golf course. I was trying to make golf look exciting in the video but its hard. The intensity just isn’t there. But I got to work on my editing skills so take a look. It’s only 2 minutes long and the song is awesome!

Then, I went Kiteboarding the next day! I have done it before. The last time I think was in May though and I’ve only done it a few times before that. Haha so it was almost like starting new. My boyfriend, Drew, is really big into the sport and he has a great blog so if you want to know more on kiteboarding, CHECK IT OUT!

I want to get to his level!

He taught me all I know. I used to be scared when he took me out but all that changed! I went out and did so good! I was riding back and forth, going upwind and even tried to jump! It was such a rush. It was so windy too. Usually, if it would get too windy I would go in, but not today! Someone was taking pics so hopefully I get to see those soon! I had the best time out there.

Right after that, we had to rush to the ropes course! It was so much fun.

After zip lining… 2 thumbs up!

If you are afraid of heights this is a good way to get rid of that. And when you get to the top you get to zipline down, which is so cool, if you have never done it. I love being so active like this. My body is tired but it’s great to feel like you’ve worked hard and accomplished something. I love living in Florida and being able to be in the water and outside in January and not be cold but hot and sweating.