5K SUP & RUN: Race Recap May 21, 2016

Everything about this race was awesome! Finally, after my last two races were a waste of money, I was so excited to have a race be everything that I have hoped for. I don’t know whats been going on with races lately but they have been going downhill and up in price…

This race was just a 30 dollar entry fee and it went to a good cause: Operation Second Chance. It is so inspirational to be racing alongside veterans who were wounded, injured or ill fighting for our country. It was incredible!

The race did start at 8 a.m. SHARP! which was actually a good thing. It was already 85 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 percent humidity. Gotta love Florida. And the race did start on time, how awesome is that!

So right away we started with the 5K RUN. This was tricky, wasn’t sure how hard to push it. Let me tell you though, it’s much easier to catch people during the run. It’s so much more difficult on a paddleboard. I had one woman in front of me going into the 5K SUP.

So right after the run, you go to your board, rip you shoes and socks off and put on your pfd then you jump on your board. It is so weird to go from running to stopping your legs to paddle. Your arms also feel really awkward moving in a different motion.

In about 2 hours, all the racers were done and awards were right away! RIGHT AWAY! Everything was done by 10:15. It was so nice to not have to wait around for hours and hours like most races. Also, the food spread that they had was so good: bagels, cookies, brownies, bananas, fruit snacks, pulled pork and FREE BEER for EVERYONE!! Spectators included.


I really enjoyed everything about this race, everyone received a medal and an Operation Second Chance coin. If you were a top finisher you got a trophy, 200 dollars cash, and three months free to YouFit gyms. Not just a cupcake like another race did yesterday.


Here I am with my friend Brad at the end of the race. He won the 5K RUN & SUP for the Men and I won for the Women! Always fun sharing the stage with your friends.

I worked so hard to catch the woman that was in front of me. I caught her around mile two in the SUP Race and then just kept a steady pace to keep the lead. It was so difficult making up for lost time in the run. Next year, I will definitely push myself more in the run to get a good start in the paddle.

More info on the race:

Facebook                          Results                      Operation Second Chance

More info on me:

Facebook                Instagram                 LinkedIn                   Paddleboarding Team



SKORA Running: Spring has Sprung, Time to Run

Hey everyone! Long time since I last wrote a post but when a sale is going on that grabs my attention, I must share the good news. SKORA is my favorite running shoe company. I truly believe they know what they are doing. They are bringing runners back to how we were meant to run: naturally.

Less is more.

Since running in my SKORA’s, I’ve never had an injury (knock on wood) and enjoy my run. There’s no pain, my shoes do well in sand, on pavement, in grass, on sidewalks, in trails and if you treat them well, they are good for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles. And for me right now, I run about 25-30 miles per week in my SKORA Phase’s


Now with 40% OFF CLEARANCE, I am going to buy myself a pair of SKORA Tempo’s!

Click the banner on the side ——–>>>>>>>>


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I want to be able to change shoes out, run in one pair one day and another the next. I am so excited for them to arrive. The sale goes on for three weeks!! So get a pair and run with me! The good sizes and colors go quick! Buy NOW!

If you have any questions, ask me or you can chat with someone on their website.

Happy Running!


SKORA is a family affair.. My sister and I both wear them 🙂

Treadmill Interval Workout #1

I have been totally spoiled living in Florida. I am a complete baby when it comes to running outside in the cold. After moving to northern Texas, I discovered that I am not a fan of running in blistery weather. It’s cold and always windy here, at least to me it is.

Therefore, I have been running on the treadmill more. Up until today, I would normally just run at a constant speed for 3-8 miles depending on the day. But that is just so boring!! I was finding it difficult to keep this up.

So today I tried an interval workout. I created this workout in my head as I ran for my warm-up and it actually turned out to be challenging.


Treadmill Workout

It was an awesome workout. Also, I did it all at a 1.5 incline. I thought it was a great first attempt for an interval workout. It was tough but not too tough.

I made sure to get a dynamic warm-up in before that included high knees, butt kicks, knee hugs, walking lunges with a twist, and some other moves that I’m not too sure of the names. Warming up helps tremendously.

Loving my new shoes!

Loving my new shoes!

Adjust this workout for you!

If you want it to be more of a challenge, then increase the speed of each and vice versa if you would like to make it a little slower.

Also, you don’t have to run as many miles. Make the workout good for you, I want you to push yourself but not to the point of passing out.

Hopefully, you give it a try and I will have more coming! If you have any questions about the workout, just ask! 🙂

Need Running Shoes??? Here is the deal of the year!

Skora Running just informed me of this super amazing 2-day sale that starts tomorrow. You can buy any shoe on their site that is over 109 dollars and get a Skora FIT for FREE with your purchase. BOGO!!



^^^ This is a key step shoppers, DO NOT forget it!


It’s a deal so good I am going to participate. I’ve already ran in the Skora FIT for some time now and I am ready for another pair. I am in love with them!

If you aren’t sure about Skora, you can contact them on their website. They are so helpful! Or check out my Skora blog posts for more information:

The Skora FIT: Shoe Review

Skora FIT: Slackline Session

Skora FIT: Boxing Session

Don’t miss out on this sale of the year! We all do dumb things, don’t make this one of them! Deals like this don’t come often.

Skora Website                       Skora on Facebook                        Skora Blog




Happy National Running Day! Where Will Your Run Take You?

If you haven’t run yet today or need ideas for new places to run, I suggest trying a local state park. I recently visited Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve (East), which is a Florida State Park in Ft Myers. This park is open all year! I recently had the opportunity to run here and it offered many different types of terrain for an overall great run!

The park includes shell, boardwalk and high grass trails to provide multiple levels of training. It also takes you along the beautiful Caloosahatchee River, so while running you have a great view.

We happened to go on a day that was very hot and muggy, which meant that the gnats were everywhere. They were in my hair, on my stomach, covering my neck, in my armpits… they were EVERYWHERE! We were sweating and running fast so the bugs were just sticking to us. However, it’s fun to make it into a game and see who can collect the most!

Gnats were all over us!

Gnats were all over us!

Overall, I had a great time running and then doing some nature trail walking afterwards for a nice cool down. The park isn’t great for a long run but has short trails that you can connect and weave through to make a nice running loop. We ended up doing 4 miles and after running in the high grass and heat, that was plenty for me!

The park includes benches, picnic tables, a canoe/kayak launch, restrooms, wildlife, and great nature trails. I’m sure you can find a park near you and get your run on!

Fun Run!

Fun Run!

We both run in Skora Shoes and they perform so well on all surfaces. I don’t have to worry about slipping, they can get wet, and their flexibility makes it easy for me to be agile on the trails. Things come up, like holes, big sticks, snakes, etc. that I need to avoid and I’m happy to have a shoe that I’m not scared about rolling my ankle in or falling.

HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! Now get out there and enjoy your run!

What I Do In My SKORAs: Boxing for ‘FIT’ness

I thought it would be fun and challenging to see how many activities I can do my in Skoras. They are great for running but they can be great for other things too or maybe even not so good. So this past week, I took a free boxing class and loved it. I went online, bought a groupon and now I have unlimited classes for 2 weeks!

Boxing in my Skora FITs

This boxing class is more of a cardio class. We don’t box against each other. But that’s perfectly fine with me, I’m just looking for a workout, not a black eye. The place I go to is called Punch Boxing for Fitness. It’s awesome. My friend actually pushed me into going and I’m so happy she did!

First time taking a boxing class!

First time taking a boxing class!

The classes last about an hour and by the end of it, I’m drenched in sweat and wasted tired. I mean it feels great to work hard and to feel sore the next day. I love finding new activities to do because I always seem to do the same things: play tennis, paddle board and run. This was an exciting and new way for me to get my cardio in.

The great thing about this class is so many things are mixed in like push-ups, jump roping, lunges, burpees, squats, jumping squats, mountain climbers, and so much more. After every session, the trainer always has a core circuit that will kill your abs. Everything gets worked.

The flexibility that the Skora FIT has, is perfect for this.

The flexibility that the Skora FIT has, is perfect for this.

The shoes definitely can withstand everything in this class. All the jumping, all the lunges, all the squatting and all the punching. When boxing you are on the front of your feet a lot because you want to be light on your toes. That way you are able to bounce around a lot, that’s why the Skora FIT is a really good ‘Fit’ for a cardio boxing class.

I made a quick little video on what exactly happens in class and after watching this, you should have a really good idea on how much work you have to give. Here it is!


5 Ways to a Tighter Tummy while Running

Some times running makes me feel like a robot… It’s the same thing over and over again. It can get kind of boring and can turn into a downward spiral. Not good. Here are some ways to change up your run for the better. These tips will keep your body and mind more engaged and working hard.

Here are some ideas!

1. Intervals: Tell yourself to sprint/run faster for a certain amount of time and then back off for a little bit with a jog or walk. Do this for your whole workout or start with just a few. Maybe pick a point in the distance and sprint to it. And repeat! Or if you want to time it, you can try and run for a minute then slow down for 30 seconds. This high intensity workout with help your body burn more calories by making it work harder. Warning: You will get tired and feel great after. Want to know why? Because after a workout like this, your body continues to work hard the rest of the day. The post-exercise effect is amazing, even while you are at rest, you will continue to keep burning calories.

2. Increase your distance: This has been happening to me a lot. I usually go out for 4 to 6 miles depending on my mood but I never push myself another half mile or mile or 2 miles. However, last week I ran 8 miles just fine! That’s 2 more than I usually do! It wasn’t even that hard. All you have to do is make sure you have extra time. But now I have the confidence to go further. Making yourself increase your mileage, even if it’s not a significant distance, will definitely burn more calories and it will prove to you that you are capable of doing more than you think.

3. Add some hills or stairs: I love to include stairs or hill training. It makes the workout so much harder. That extra incline will make your body work twice as hard, which means you will burn twice as much. I like to go to a parking garage… at times when it’s not busy… to run up it, then down it, and run up the stairs and then down the stairs. I can get it all done in a parking garage. Or if you don’t have access to that you can find stairs in many places. Hopefully, you can find a hill or even a golf course you can run on too for some hills. Your legs, core and butt will get so much stronger from this workout then just running on a flat course.


4. Pick up those legs: High knees! High knees! This is a quick cardio burst. During your usual run, have a focus on trying to land on the balls of your feet and switching legs fast. This is kind of like interval training but instead of changing the pace of your run, you’re changing your form. You exaggerate the knee lift. And this could even improve your running form in the future. While doing this, your heart rate will be pumping, which is what you want. Do this for a minute of about 30 feet and then rest and repeat 5 – 10 times.

5. Sprint finish: This is a great way to push yourself in that last stretch. If you have a partner, race each other to the end point. In most races someone is usually right next to you and after you give it your all the whole time, you don’t want to slow down at the very end. So you need to practice having that extra push at the end. Imagine a crowd cheering you on and you’re running through the finish. It’s a great feeling to finish your run with an energy burst and fast! Then, slowly come to a jog and walk it out after. This little sprint will keep your body working. Don’t let your body get used to stopping before the finish line. That is a bad habit.

Sprint Finsih


Shoe Review: The New FIT by Skora

About a year and a half ago, I discovered a shoe that made me love running. I have been running for about 2 years now and have fallen in love with the feeling I get when it’s just me, my running shoes, and the outdoors. I have been fortunate enough to have started with 5k’s and quickly transition to 15k’s and then on to running my first half marathon.

I started with a shoe by Skora called the BASE. It’s a training shoe that is perfect for transitioning to natural running. It took me some time but after a few runs and sore calves, I felt a difference in my body. Everything just felt better. Who doesn’t want that?! This leads me to the next shoe, the Skora FIT. The name is perfect. It may sound cliche but seriously, if you want to get fit and see results while running efficiently, then I’d pay attention. Skora’s motto is to RunReal and my goal is to get all of you to try it.

Every shoe has positives and things that just get you hooked. So let’s start with that! These are what I love most about the FIT:

1. Seamless design: My first ever seamless shoe, and let me tell you that it’s great! I never thought that it would make a difference because I’ve never had a problem before but it seems so much more flexible and I don’t ever have to worry about rubbing. I bought my sister a pair and she has a bunion so I’m pretty sure she will love this feature!

Skora FIT2. Asymmetrical lacing: This means the laces are not directly down the middle of the foot. I like this feature because I have experienced rubbing from laces in the past. I have a bone that protrudes on my foot and it gets inflamed from many shoes. I have not experienced any discomfort from my FIT.

3. For a natural shoe, it still has cushion: It is a zero-drop but unlike most shoes, it still has cushioning and comfort. It’s a perfect shoe to begin running all natural in. I don’t always have access to trails and grass so I find myself on hard surfaces like concrete and pavement. Having the cushion makes a world of difference! I can still run naturally while having my body not take such a beating.

4. The color: I know, I know. PINK! I love pink! There’s also some blue! And other color combos on the Skora website, but this is Skorathe color combination that caught my eye. I do believe that if you like what you are wearing and feel pretty and confident, then your overall performance will increase. The color makes me feel so happy on my runs. It may sound weird, but looking down at the vibrant colors gives me an energy boost.

5. The durability: My first Skora shoes are still up and running! I’ve had them for about a year and a half and I still wear them. They have some dirt on them but the outsole is holding up! I’ve been keeping track of all my runs in the FIT so I now know how much mileage I have put on them. I’ve only done 35 miles in 2 weeks but once tennis season is over, I’m going to start running more. Lately, I’ve been just doing around 3 miles when I go out. You can see too that the outsole is thick and can withstand a lot.


6. Feels like a slipper: I said this right when I put the FIT on. And guess what, 2 of my friends tried the FIT on too and had the same reaction! I wish I would have recorded it! It’s amazing how well it fits your foot. The FIT only weighs in at 6.6 oz. It’s light and perfect for almost every activity. The zero-drop makes it my go-to shoe for the gym because while lifting you want to be as flat as possible on the ground. Skora Lift

7. Arch Support: My last comment being, I used to get cramps in my arches a lot. I’m thinking from lacking of support. The FIT has an internal archband midfoot support. I have experienced no discomfort in my arch while running and feel the support there. It’s noticeable to me in a good way. I love the feeling!

These shoes are great for hanging out around town and for in the gym!

These shoes are great for hanging out around town and for in the gym!

Alright, now it was really tough to think of some cons to the FIT. When it’s difficult to think of something that’s not a positive then you know, the shoe is a good one.

1. Some of the trails I run on are just rock/shells but… not just small pieces of rock or shell but large chunks that don’t really feel too good on the bottom of my feet while I run. I land on my midfoot and sometimes I can feel the rock right through my shoe. It’s not enough though to keep me running on these trails. It’s just a bit of an annoyance if I land just right on something sharp. Some other brands make shoes with a lot of cushion to avoid this but I would never surrender running natural for just a few bumps on my run.

2. Also, some people don’t like this but… I have had more people come up to me while wearing my FIT’s. People have stopped me to make comments about my shoes. I don’t mind answering questions about my shoes. But you just might get noticed more while wearing them. So expect that.

I just want to finish by saying I’m so happy I came across Skora a few years ago. I’m sure you can relate to when you find something that works, you just want to tell the world! And that’s exactly how I feel. I’m not making this up, these shoes changed my life through running. I encourage you to try them and Run Real.

Disclosure: Skora Running provided me with the new FIT in advance. I have had them for over 2 weeks and have been testing them in a variety of settings. All you have read are my own opinions. If you have any questions for me on the shoes, please contact me. Thank you!

If you want to learn more about SKORA, it’s easy! They have many social media outlets to check out!

Facebook         Instagram        Twitter        Web

Gasparilla 15K: Racing in the New INJINJI’s

The Gasparilla race’s in Tampa, FL are not meant for setting new PR’s. Why? Because there are SO MANY PEOPLE! It’s crazy how many people sign up for this race. The 15K had 4,921 participants. And I placed 619th out of everyone with a time of 1:16. The 5K is absolutely horrendous(I ran that last year) so I wouldn’t even bother with that one. The 5k had 11,635 participants! The 15K wasn’t as bad but still, make sure you are good at weaving if you enter this race.

The sea of people at the start of the race

The sea of people at the start of the race

Once you got to mile 2, the congestion was down and you could run freely so not too shabby. I hadn’t been doing as much running as I had liked because cycling is my new thing! Therefore, I came to the race with dead quads from cycling the day before. That was dumb of me.

The weather wasn’t the best but could have been a lot worse. It was windy, overcast, and extremely humid. At mile 3, my shirt was already drenched. So at mile 9, the sweat was just dripping off of me, I was melting! haha. As you can see in these pictures, it looks like I went swimming.

Just keep running

Just keep running

Race Ready

I wore the race t-shirt because I didn’t really love it, so I don’t know when I would wear it again. I wore my SKORA’s, which are still my favorite shoe I’ve ever run in so far. They still kill my calves, which is great. Working hard! And then my new thing are my INJINJI’s. My new favorite socks. I was a little skeptical at first about wearing toe socks but after my first run in them, my feet don’t like anything else. Being able to move each toe freely is a great feeling. They also come in many different thicknesses and ankle heights. Seriously though, I absolutely love them. It just took a day for my feet to feel the same.

Muscle shot at the end of the race = MUST DO!

Muscle shot at the end of the race = MUST DO!

Recently, I held a contest for all my followers to win a pair of Injinji’s and the winner sent me some reviews from his running experiences. Overall, we shared the same thoughts! So I’m going to post what he said! Thank you Jeff for participating in the contest and giving feedback!



Performance 2.0 and Run 2.0
These socks are designated as the running, gym, crossfit, etc socks.  Both performed very similar to each other.  Both are definitely much more robust than the first generation of Injinji’s.  The core difference I could sort out was that the Run sock is more breathable than the Performance.  However, you definitely feel that thickness.  And, since it’s thicker, I noticed they ran a little warmer than the Originals.  I really liked the think feel of the originals.  If you like a thicker sock, then these are winners.  Not only do they fit better than the version 1, but the addition of the Achilles protection is awesome.   However, I like a thin sock, so I’m saving these for colder weather or for my Luna Sandals.
Trail 2.0
All I can say about this is “Wow, I could wear these every day! ”  They are plush, comfy, warm.  Again, things are thicker with 2.0, but boy is this comfy.  The protective cuff fits well and would definitely protect against getting dirt/rocks into the sock for trail running.  I’d say this sock is my hands down favorite for casual wear.
Hike 2.0
This sock was the real surprise.  This sock is made of NuWool, but retains the thin feel of Version 1.0.  It’s also very comfortable.  I actually really enjoyed using these on several runs.  The durability may not be that of the Run or Performance, but it’s a really good sock.  In fact, I’d say these have become my long run favorites.  They really work well and would be great in almost any condition.  I wouldn’t use them for the gym since the NuWool causes a little more slipping inside the shoe for crossfit, but for running or hiking, these are fantastic.

The trail 2.0 was my favorite. So comfortable! That is the sock I ran my 15K in and personally, I felt like I just wanted to run in the sock by itself. They’re cushioned and durable. My feet felt great while running and after running. And to make that mean more, my feet blister because I sweat so much but I didn’t experience that this time. Woo! Here’s a picture of me stretching after running and check out those toe socks.

Stretching my calves after the race, wearing my Injinji toe socks!

Stretching my calves after the race, wearing my Injinji toe socks!

I recommend giving them a try! And they worked very well with my Skora running shoes. They couple each other very nicely. 🙂 Happy running everyone!

My First Half Marathon With The ‘Whole’ Experience

Where to begin.. I ran the Space Coast Half Marathon in Cocoa Beach, FL and I have to say the whole experience was a blast! I went with 5 of my closest friends, which made it so much better. The great part was no one had every run a half marathon before.

We drove over Saturday, the day before the race, to pick up our packets at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which we got to run all around in and take pictures. So much fun and pretty cool. If you are ever in cocoa beach, stop by there. Make sure you have more than 2 hours though at the complex!

The drive! We were so excited to get our race packets!! 🙂

Then time for the hotel… 7 of us in ONE ROOM! haha not smart. We got barely any sleep that night.

Race time was 6:15 am. I do recommend staying at a sponsored hotel because we had a shuttle take us to and from the event, which was so convenient. The day would have been perfect if it would have been a bit warmer… 45 degrees outside was something I was definitely not used to.

192551_10151176824633481_889901263_o Cold Morning

A cold morning!

The race started and it was such a beautiful course. We got to see dolphins and the sunrise. Here’s what it looked like.


I was running great, and keeping up with my 1:50 pace group and eventually passing them. Then, at around mile 4, I got the urge to go to the bathroom. It was terrible. I couldn’t hold it much longer so at mile 6 I had to take a bathroom break. It’s the worst feeling seeing people you just passed way ahead of you. I ran as fast as my body would allow and caught back up to the 1:50 pace group… AGAIN! and then passed them! But at mile 8, it hit AGAIN, another bathroom urge. I was so mad, I couldn’t believe I was going to have to stop twice. So at mile 10 I took another break. And once again, I step out to see everyone ahead of me.


I don’t know how I ran that last 3.1 miles of the race as fast as I did. I just didn’t want my bathroom breaks to really ruin my time. I was feeling kind of sick from that last push of the race when I crossed the finish line. My time was 1:45:16. And for having to stop twice to go to the bathroom, I thought that was pretty dang good. I ran in my SKORA’s, which I have to say, are amazing! For a new company, they really know what they are doing. I experienced no pain anywhere during the race. Also, my friends all did so well too. It was a great experience.

703812_10151176828998481_1892521281_o Great Race!

I even managed to place 2nd in my age group!! It was amazing and got to meet Bart Yasso! That’s who is with me in the picture below. Check out his website, it’s great for runners!

Award Ceremony

And since we were in Cocoa Beach, we finished the day with surfing and body boarding at the beach! The experience was well worth it and I am definitely going to be running more half marathons!

Thanks for all the support from everyone!