2018 Goal Setting: Sharing Mine With You

I’ve always been one to make goals but for the most part, I don’t share them with anyone or even write them down.

I like to keep them to myself, so who’s to say that I’m actually achieving those goals I set my mind out to do?

So just like a lot of you, I’m making 2018 a year of change and I want to share my journey with you!


  1. Call my family members more often: I want to put more time into nurturing the relationships with people I have that I love. I have three sisters and call one pretty frequently but I should be calling the other two just as much. I call my mom a lot but not my dad. I will call all of them at least once a week. Or a text if they are busy, since that happens but I just want to be consistent with my communication. 
  2. Call my friends more: I have friends that live all over and we spent years together but as we grow up we are separating. We are becoming too busy, and I hate this. It takes 5 minutes, every two months to keep a relationship going. I will try and call my close friends, they are worth more than a phone call but for now, that will do the trick.
  3. Be in the moment more: I tend to always be letting my mind think about what’s happening later instead of living in the now. Society makes it tough for us just live and not be go-go-go all the time. It’s a very unhappy way to live. I will choose to always be in the present and enjoy what I have right then. 
  4. Learn to play the ukulele: My boyfriend got me one for Christmas and I LOVE IT! But I’m not musically inclined. This will take a lot of hours of dedication but I can do it!
  5. Crochet a blanket for my sister’s baby: I love crafts and learning new things. I just started crochet at the end of last year and love it. But it too, also will take a lot of time. But I have a goal to make a baby blanket this year, so I will make it happen.


  1. Go explore new paddle spots: Now this doesn’t sound too difficult but it is. Every weekend we become too tired from the work week and don’t feel like driving to a new spot. But I would like to dedicate one weekend a month to seeing more of Florida. So I’m not talking driving hundreds of miles, just going somewhere new.
  2. Compete in 10 events this year: I don’t care about how I do but I’m with a new sponsor and I just want to paddle. Events have become semi-stressful but they shouldn’t be. I just want to go out and have fun while doing what I love. I will get back to you on the list of events. I have 4 already in mind. 
  3. Post more videos and photos: This is for me and my sponsors! I love making videos but I do that at work so I never want to do that for me. It’s become more of a chore than an enjoyment.

JOB Goals:

  1. Don’t give up so easily: Working isn’t easy. I just changed fields completely and it’s not an easy transition. I feel so lost and old. Younger people know more than me, which is fine but I just feel behind. I am doing extra but it’s still taking time. I often cry because I just feel lost as a person. I want to have a career that will support a family one day and I just feel so far away from that. I will continue to push hard and not let failures put me down.
  2. Be more positive: I want to just look at all things postively. If I have to stay after work, it’s ok, it’s not everyday. If I get put to work on something that I don’t want to do, I need to spin it around and just have fun. 
  3. Stress less: I’m young. There’s no reason I should be as stressed as I have been the past year. I changed jobs twice in 2017 and just was so confused on where I wanted to be. I still feel that way but I need to learn to trust the journey and just enjoy the ride. I overthink wayyyy to much. It’s not good.

Thank you for staying long enough on my page to get to here… I’m happy I got these down on paper and can now work at them. If you have time take this poll and tell me more about you!

Happy New Year!!



5K SUP & RUN: Race Recap May 21, 2016

Everything about this race was awesome! Finally, after my last two races were a waste of money, I was so excited to have a race be everything that I have hoped for. I don’t know whats been going on with races lately but they have been going downhill and up in price…

This race was just a 30 dollar entry fee and it went to a good cause: Operation Second Chance. It is so inspirational to be racing alongside veterans who were wounded, injured or ill fighting for our country. It was incredible!

The race did start at 8 a.m. SHARP! which was actually a good thing. It was already 85 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 percent humidity. Gotta love Florida. And the race did start on time, how awesome is that!

So right away we started with the 5K RUN. This was tricky, wasn’t sure how hard to push it. Let me tell you though, it’s much easier to catch people during the run. It’s so much more difficult on a paddleboard. I had one woman in front of me going into the 5K SUP.

So right after the run, you go to your board, rip you shoes and socks off and put on your pfd then you jump on your board. It is so weird to go from running to stopping your legs to paddle. Your arms also feel really awkward moving in a different motion.

In about 2 hours, all the racers were done and awards were right away! RIGHT AWAY! Everything was done by 10:15. It was so nice to not have to wait around for hours and hours like most races. Also, the food spread that they had was so good: bagels, cookies, brownies, bananas, fruit snacks, pulled pork and FREE BEER for EVERYONE!! Spectators included.


I really enjoyed everything about this race, everyone received a medal and an Operation Second Chance coin. If you were a top finisher you got a trophy, 200 dollars cash, and three months free to YouFit gyms. Not just a cupcake like another race did yesterday.


Here I am with my friend Brad at the end of the race. He won the 5K RUN & SUP for the Men and I won for the Women! Always fun sharing the stage with your friends.

I worked so hard to catch the woman that was in front of me. I caught her around mile two in the SUP Race and then just kept a steady pace to keep the lead. It was so difficult making up for lost time in the run. Next year, I will definitely push myself more in the run to get a good start in the paddle.

More info on the race:

Facebook                          Results                      Operation Second Chance

More info on me:

Facebook                Instagram                 LinkedIn                   Paddleboarding Team


Sarasota SUP Race Series: Race #3

On October 11th, a big event took place for paddleboarding in Sarasota, FL: The final race of the Sarasota SUP Race Series. The series had a total of 3 races. The first one was in June, the second one was in August and the third one, just last weekend. For many paddlers, the goal is to participate and do well in all three race in order to try and become the Race Series Champion!

Thankfully, I managed to do just that. I placed 2nd in the first and second race and finally, for the first time EVER, got 1st place in the final race! But it wasn’t easy. The final race was a tough course and it was brutally hot.

Here’s a video of the start line of each heat in the race: 


I was part of a three person draft train the whole race. And for probably about 4 miles of the 6.5 mile race, I lead the train. It’s difficult leading but I knew if I got in the back of the train for too long, I’d give up with trying to get first place. I wanted to make sure I always had the lead. And on the final turn to the finish, the girl behind me fell! Which allowed me to take first place! But I didn’t win by much. The times were SO CLOSE!!

Check out these times! And for more results CLICK HERE

Race Times

It was such a close race. These women are good. I couldn’t believe that I held on. After the race, we all enjoyed some food and relaxed. Everyone on team HovieSUP did so well too! Check it out here: Team HovieSUP

What makes me feel so good is how when I participated in this race last year, I could barely finish. I was exhausted. And now, I was pushing it the whole time and didn’t feel bad. Improvement makes me happy! All those days practicing and training are actually working!


Sprinting to the finish line

Sprinting to the finish line

Coming up to the final buoy!

Coming up to the final buoy!

Right at the finish line

Right at the finish line

Waiting for awards

Waiting for awards

Eating and just hanging out with friends

Eating and just hanging out with friends

Getting some tips

Getting some tips

Race buds!

Race buds!

My team :)

Team HovieSUP

Awards ceremony

Awards ceremony

More information:

SUP Sarasota Website                SUP Sarasota Facebook                        Race Information

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Sarasota SUP Race Series: Paddleboard Race #2

I’m so GO GO GO all the time that it’s difficult for me to just sit down and write but finally, here I am! This race took place on August 23 in Sarasota, FL at Lake Benderson. It’s this big, HUGE lake that will eventually hold the World Rowing Championships. It’s not an extremely exciting place to paddle because it’s just a big, flat lake and that’s it. However, the alligators keep you on your toes.

The Race Site

So here are some quick details from the race… the course was 6.2 miles (10K) in length, which was equivalent to 2 laps around the lake. However, what made this race a little bit more enticing was the fact that it was a beach start and just after about 40 yards you could choose to go left or right. I decided to go left…

The start!

The start! I had a pretty good start 🙂

These races are so much fun and so many paddlers come out! There was some good competition in every division, which makes everything more interesting! It was weird paddling and not knowing what place you are in because the women in my division went the opposite way of me so I had no idea. It was definitely unique.


You just had to paddle so hard the whole time because you just didn’t know! Overall, the race went way better than I expected. I placed 2nd and was just 90 seconds behind first place, which was an improvement! I’m excited for the the last race that is coming up in the series. It will be on October 11. That is coming up so soon!

My sister always comes to support!

My sister always comes to support!

Check out some links to see pictures, information, and results!

Results                          Facebook                               Pictures

Sarasota SUP Race Series: Paddleboard Race #1

Okay okay… this race took place wayyyyy back in June and I am now just writing about it. However, I already wrote a post about it! WordPress crashed on me right as I went to post it! So since that happened I got pretty angry with WordPress and slightly boycotted it for the past month. Now, I’m over it and finally writing about it, hopefully all goes smoothly.

To begin, this race had crazy choppy and windy conditions. Which is something very unusual. Siesta Key is normally super flat. Rarely do you see waves. Like never. Anyways, the wind was onshore and even the wind didn’t cool down the air temperature. It was extremely hot. Imagine sweat dripping in your eyes and not being able to grip your paddle because your hands are just too soaked in sweat. I fell once on the last lap because I put my hand on the paddle shaft and it just slipped all the way down, which caused me to tumble off the front of my board. Fatigue didn’t help either. I was too tired to realize I was even falling until I was underwater…

Coming in to run the beach

Coming in to run the beach.

The race was 6 miles. The 6 miles consisted of a four laps. Each lap being 1.5 miles. So it was a beach start and after every lap you had to ride a wave in to shore and run a lap. I thought the run would be the easy part… definitely not the case. I was dumb and fell on 2/4 of the waves I rode in. I’d fall in waist to chest deep water while my board would ride the wave in. Running in water IS SO TIRING!! It takes everything out of you.

Beach Start

Beach Start

Also, this race was twice as stressful because money was given out to the top 3 finishers. I COULD WIN MONEY! $$$$ Who doesn’t want to win their entry fee back?!

First place: $150     Second place: $105       Third place: $45

And I ended up placing 2nd and the girl in third was just 20 seconds behind me!! It was a race to the finish. I felt so great and so terrible all at the same time.

The 12'6" Elite Women's top finishers

The 12’6″ Elite Women’s top finishers

My body was toast. I just fell over at the finish and I guess my mom’s first thoughts were to take pictures of me. Forget bringing me water. However, placing 2nd was an amazing feeling!



The race was incredible and I can’t wait until the next one in August. It’s going to be in flat water!

Here is more on the race!

Results                     Sarasota SUP Race Series                     Picture Gallery

Special thanks to all my family and friends who came to support! And HovieSUP. They make awesome boards that are so fast!

Standup Paddleboard Race Results: SUP Sarasota Series Race #3

Finally got back out on my board and was able to race this past weekend. It blows my mind how most college students would rather be sleeping or partying instead of outside, especially when you live in Florida. The weather for this race was absolutely gorgeous. It was a little cooler out and not windy. The sun was shining and everyone was smiling. The conditions were perfect.

Paddleboards!So many paddleboards! There were over 100 paddlers there to enjoy the sights and do something they love. The race started at 9:45 am and was a grueling 6.5 mile paddle. The start was from the water so that was my first time doing that. Everyone lines up already in the water on their boards and then suddenly, the air horn goes and the race BEGINS! It all happens so fast!

The StartI would recommend definitely getting a camel bak or something before deciding to paddle a race as fast as you can for over 6 miles.. WARNING: YOU WILL GET THIRSTY! I made that little error. I was so dehydrated. Not good.

RacersThis is a map of the race course. It’s a beautiful course. So much wildlife and blue water. And it’s right in my backyard. I love it so much!

SarasotaSUPOct12CourseMapHere is the links to the results: http://www.coolrunning.com/results/13/fl/Oct12_SUPSar_set1.shtml

And here are some more pictures. RedBull, Kona Brewing Co and HovieSUP were all sponsors of the event so a big thanks to them!


CIMG4087I ended up placing 3rd for the Women’s 12’6″ Elite Division, which is awesome! I didn’t think I was going to even place. I haven’t had time to train because school gets in the way. My board is in Sarasota, which isn’t easy for me to get to. So I had to just try and keep up with these super fit women. Everyone was so good!


DCIM104GOPROAdditional Links:

https://www.facebook.com/SUPSarasota – SUP Sarasota Facebook Page

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Katherine-Pyne/283156938383221 – My Facebook Page

http://www.sarasotasupseries.com – Sarasota SUP Race Series website

A Day on the Water: Paddleboard Training

Today was an absolutely amazing day to be out on the water. And the great thing is I can go in between class. I find myself so fortunate to be able to do what I love when I want.

Ringling Bridge


The weather was great, a little windy, more like a lot… 15 mph, gusting 20 mph. But when that wind was pushing you, you felt like you were flying. Paddleboarding is the most exhausting sport I’ve done. It makes my whole body tired.. back, arms, abs… woooweeee.


This upcoming Saturday, I have a paddleboard race so my friend and I went out to practice the race course. About 6 miles of grueling, nonstop (well I stopped to film some manatees :)) paddling. Well worth it. This is me after the paddle. It was so much fun!

After shot

I will post again after the race! It’s going to be so exciting. If you have never witnessed a paddleboard race, you should look into it or better yet, just enter for yourself.

Also, here is a little video of all the manatees I got to paddle with today! I can’t believe so many of them were all around me.

Paddling With Manatees!

My First Standup Paddleboard Race

This past weekend I participated in my first paddleboard race. I’ve had my board for about 6 months now but never thought I would ever be entering a race. Especially a race that was 6 miles long!

I’ve been training for about 2 weeks. Meaning I’ve been going out and paddling for about 6-8 miles about 4 times a week. People really underestimate how tiring and exhausting paddleboarding is.

Paddleboards along the beach

Paddleboards along the beach

The race was at my local beach, Siesta Key, which made it so nice. I had no idea what to expect. First thing I see is a big RedBull tent and many other paddleboard companies with tents set up. It was so awesome seeing so many people walking their boards onto the beach getting ready to race.



Photographers were everywhere! Some from newspapers and magazines, such as Standup Paddleboard Magazine, and helicopters were flying all around too. Also, the crowd of people watching the race made me feel so important and so excited.

A map of the race course

A map of the race course

It all started so fast. It was a beach start meaning everyone lines up on the beach and runs into the water with their boards. It is crazy! So many people funneling into a single point at the first turn. If you don’t start well then you basically already lose.

The start of the race

The start of the race

The conditions were not so good either. Rolling waves and chop making people fall left and right. Thankfully, I only fell once but other people weren’t as lucky. The race was 4 laps, each lap being 1.5 miles and after every lap you had to run off your board back onto the beach and then run back into the water. It was so exhausting.

Coming in after lap 2

Coming in after lap 2

I’m so glad I did this race and can’t wait for the next one, which is on August 24th. I got 2nd place for the women in the 12’6 Eltie division. I can’t even describe how awesome the whole experience was!

The award ceremony! Me with the organizer of the race

The award ceremony! Me with the organizer of the race

Siesta Key Paddleboard Race

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