Battle on the Blueway SUP Race Recap: 06/11/2016

Race Day: June 11, 2016 – 8:30 AM start time, 7 miles


  • Flat
  • No wind
  • Partly cloudy
  • 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 90 percent humidity


5:15 am wake-up, I’m on the road by 5:25 am and start my trek to Ft. Myers Beach, FL. Arrived at the beach around 7:10. The weather was perfect, this week we had so much rain (a tropical storm even!) so it was so nice to not have a thunderstorm.

Check-in was easy, the shirts they give you at this race are my favorite of any race. A nice long sleeve and since I paid $85.00 to enter and $15.00 to park this shirt better be made of silk. Very expensive race. But that’s probably because there is $10,000 given out to top finishers.

Major prize money races include Ron Jon Pro 7 Mile Men’s 14 & 12’6” and Women’s 12”6”. Please see break down of prize money below.

1st – $1400
2nd – $850
3rd – $500
4th – $250
5th – $100


I placed 7th and was really happy with it. I had a great start and a great finish, but just have to work on the endurance in the middle. There were three laps of about 2.5 miles each. The first lap I felt great, then hit a wall on the 2nd lap and then the 3rd lap, I felt good again… Figures.

Anyways, they had Jason’s Deli for lunch, which if you know me, then you know its my ultimate favorite place to eat! So that was awesome. And we got to try out the new Hobie Eclipse. It’s like an elliptical on water!

It was great to see everyone. These SUP races make me feel so less isolated. During the week, I’m so tired and busy with work that I never see anyone. These races remind me that I have friends and cool people do exist!


Can’t wait for the next one! But that’s probably not until August. I’ll be training in the meantime 🙂

Race websites:

Facebook              Results



5K SUP & RUN: Race Recap May 21, 2016

Everything about this race was awesome! Finally, after my last two races were a waste of money, I was so excited to have a race be everything that I have hoped for. I don’t know whats been going on with races lately but they have been going downhill and up in price…

This race was just a 30 dollar entry fee and it went to a good cause: Operation Second Chance. It is so inspirational to be racing alongside veterans who were wounded, injured or ill fighting for our country. It was incredible!

The race did start at 8 a.m. SHARP! which was actually a good thing. It was already 85 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 percent humidity. Gotta love Florida. And the race did start on time, how awesome is that!

So right away we started with the 5K RUN. This was tricky, wasn’t sure how hard to push it. Let me tell you though, it’s much easier to catch people during the run. It’s so much more difficult on a paddleboard. I had one woman in front of me going into the 5K SUP.

So right after the run, you go to your board, rip you shoes and socks off and put on your pfd then you jump on your board. It is so weird to go from running to stopping your legs to paddle. Your arms also feel really awkward moving in a different motion.

In about 2 hours, all the racers were done and awards were right away! RIGHT AWAY! Everything was done by 10:15. It was so nice to not have to wait around for hours and hours like most races. Also, the food spread that they had was so good: bagels, cookies, brownies, bananas, fruit snacks, pulled pork and FREE BEER for EVERYONE!! Spectators included.


I really enjoyed everything about this race, everyone received a medal and an Operation Second Chance coin. If you were a top finisher you got a trophy, 200 dollars cash, and three months free to YouFit gyms. Not just a cupcake like another race did yesterday.


Here I am with my friend Brad at the end of the race. He won the 5K RUN & SUP for the Men and I won for the Women! Always fun sharing the stage with your friends.

I worked so hard to catch the woman that was in front of me. I caught her around mile two in the SUP Race and then just kept a steady pace to keep the lead. It was so difficult making up for lost time in the run. Next year, I will definitely push myself more in the run to get a good start in the paddle.

More info on the race:

Facebook                          Results                      Operation Second Chance

More info on me:

Facebook                Instagram                 LinkedIn                   Paddleboarding Team


Gasparilla SUP Invasion 2016: Race Recap

This was my first race since November last year, well actually I did sign up for a race a few weeks back but that one was cancelled due to race conditions being too dangerous. Anyways, I was so excited for this race because it was in TAMPA, FL… All my family lives there so it was going to be a fun weekend with everyone!

I had my aunts and uncles come to the race to cheer me on, which was awesome but the event quickly turned for the worse…

Here’s what happened:

  1. First of all, parking was 15 dollars!
  2. You had to walk your board about a half mile to the dock
  3. The race was supposed to start at 10:20 am, we didn’t get started until 11 am.. Oh and it was 90 degrees outside!
  4. The dock was a single file line that took forever because it was super small with a long path to the actual dock
  5. There was no picture of the course for racers to look at, which made it difficult to picture in your head where to go exactly
  6. No one knew the buoys were little white crab trap buoys! Who does that??!!
  7. We all missed the first buoy! Going a half mile further, until the police came from behind us telling everyone to turn around. They should have told my friend, Brad, who was in the lead to turn around first so the order of the Elite class would not be messed up
  8. About 3-5 people turned around (those people ended up beating us all) and they were also in the back of the group to begin with…
  9. The rest of us, about 12 people sat in the water discussing what to do next since the race was now messed up
  10. We decided to start from there and create the race again, so we did
  11. Times were really messed up because we stopped for about 15 minutes and then stopped after the first lap because the race director didn’t know what was happening
  12. Then half the group went in due to frustration and the rest of us did the second half of the course to finish the race
  13. A 6 mile race turned into over 7 miles of confusion
  14. Plus, boat traffic was insane, so many boats!
  15. Also, the race finished around 1 pm but awards weren’t until 4!! Who wants to wait around for a piece of paper, I heard that’s what the trophies were because I left before the awards since times were so screwed up
  16. Overall, it was a mess

The good thing was I got a great workout in and meet some really cool paddlers out on the water!

Here are some pictures from the race:


Paddling in Tampa, FL


Going under the bridge


Trying to finish


The start


When we were discussing what we all were going to do

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Reading and Running: SPARTAN FIT!

Hello all runners and anyone who loves a good challenge! There is a new book coming out that will: Transform your Mind. Transform Your Body.

SPARTAN FIT! by Joe De Sena


JOE DE SENA is the founder and owner of the Spartan Race, as well as a living legend in endurance and adventure racing circles — he completed the 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon, raced the 140.6 miles of Lake Placid Ironman, and finished a 100-mile trail run in Vermont, all within one week.

You must be able to Commit to Grit.

And don’t worry, No Gym Required.

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  • Inspiring, motivating stories of Spartans

A complete Spartan training guide, Spartan Fit! arms readers with the strength, knowledge, and grit to never question their potential again, both on and off the race course.


From Ultra marathoners to beginner runners, this book is meant to help you be the best you!

“Joe DeSena is the real deal. His stories are believable, because his achievements and accomplishments are genuine. In Spartan Up! Joe delivers his message with the insight and candor that only an individual who has lived through such experiences can. A must read for anyone looking to take his performance to the next level, be it in athletics or in life.”Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathoner and New York Times bestselling author of Ultra Marathon Man


Also use code: SPARTANBLOGGER and it will give 10% off ANY race!

If you want a free race code, you must comment below telling me why you want to race. One lucky racer will get a FREE race!

SKORA Running: Spring has Sprung, Time to Run

Hey everyone! Long time since I last wrote a post but when a sale is going on that grabs my attention, I must share the good news. SKORA is my favorite running shoe company. I truly believe they know what they are doing. They are bringing runners back to how we were meant to run: naturally.

Less is more.

Since running in my SKORA’s, I’ve never had an injury (knock on wood) and enjoy my run. There’s no pain, my shoes do well in sand, on pavement, in grass, on sidewalks, in trails and if you treat them well, they are good for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles. And for me right now, I run about 25-30 miles per week in my SKORA Phase’s


Now with 40% OFF CLEARANCE, I am going to buy myself a pair of SKORA Tempo’s!

Click the banner on the side ——–>>>>>>>>


Click here ————>>>>>>>>       40% OFF!

I want to be able to change shoes out, run in one pair one day and another the next. I am so excited for them to arrive. The sale goes on for three weeks!! So get a pair and run with me! The good sizes and colors go quick! Buy NOW!

If you have any questions, ask me or you can chat with someone on their website.

Happy Running!


SKORA is a family affair.. My sister and I both wear them 🙂

3rd Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race – 11/2/2014


First of all, this race was a chilly one! It was cold and windy, which made for conditions that us Floridians aren’t really used to. But overall, it was a great time.

All of us bundled up at the Racers meeting!

All of us bundled up at the Racers meeting!

This race was four 1.5 mile loops. The loops were not circles but they incorporated almost 180 degree turns going against the wind, with it and getting hit from the side. I was actually happy it was windy because it seems like whenever I go to train, it’s always windy and choppy.

Paddling hard

Paddling hard

Also, this race was super exciting because I was on my new HovieSup Comet Raceboard! I felt so fast over the water and let me tell you, feeling fast is a great feeling to have!

2nd Place

2nd Place

I ended up getting second place for the Women’s 12.6 Elite Division! I felt pretty good during the race, I mean I was tired of course but I tried so hard. I couldn’t believe it when I finally reached the finish! The HovieSup team also did so amazing!

Mark Athanacio took 1st place 12’6″ elite
Bruce Day took 2nd place elite 14 men’s 50+
Connor Rush took 1st place Jr elite
Will Marston took 2nd place Jr elite
Brian Hovanian took 1st overall 3 mile on a 14
Francesca Terzuoli Morrow took 1st overall women’s 12’6″ 3 mile

The HovieSup Crew!

The HovieSup Crew!

After the race, there was a co-ed sprint relay. I partnered up with my teammate Will and we got 2nd place. I had never done a race where you had to tug someone behind you. It was so much fun and a good way to end the race day!

Tug board race!

Tug board race!

Awards for the Co-ed tug race!

Awards for the Co-ed tug race!

I just love being around the SUP atmosphere, surrounded by awesome people who enjoy the same sport as I do. The season is coming to an end so time to get ready for next year 🙂

So many boards!

So many boards!

For more information check out the links below.

Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race:    Website                          Results                           Facebook

A New Race: That Will Run in 35 Countries

I discovered a new race that will take place in 35 different countries ALL AT THE SAME TIME! It is called the Wings for Life World Run from Red Bull. The website is amazing. The race doesn’t take place for another 177 days and something hours and something minutes.. But you can sign up already! The race is in MAY 2014.

Also, a great thing is to see that 100% of the entry fee goes to spinal cord research.

This quote reminds me of this race

Check out the this video about the race!

Wings For Life World Run <<<<< and here is another great video! It includes explanations of the run’s unique format, who will run, who will win and what athletes will be running for!

The format is very unique… Nothing like I have ever seen.

THERE IS NO FINISH LINE! That makes it extremely unique. There is a car, called a “catcher car” that starts after all the racers have begun, approximately 30 minutes after the initial start. Each course will have a car and they will all start simultaneously. The pace will continue to accerlerate, which will eliminate more and more runners. As soon as the catcher car catches you, you are done. And you catch a ride back to the start to celebrate all you have accomplished! The catcher car will stop once only one single man and woman are left running in each location around the world. They will be crowned the Global Champions of the Wings for Life World Run. However, country champions will also get acknowledged and so will location champions.

Red Bull

Red Bull

It will take place in:

  • Cape Town
  • Barcelona
  • California
  • France
  • Lima
  • Kerry
  • Kiev
  • New Zealand AND SO MANY MORE

The website is really helpful and has so many great links and tips, so make sure to check it out. I look forward to hearing more about this crazy awesome race.

How many of you are going to do it??!!

Standup Paddleboard Race Results: SUP Sarasota Series Race #3

Finally got back out on my board and was able to race this past weekend. It blows my mind how most college students would rather be sleeping or partying instead of outside, especially when you live in Florida. The weather for this race was absolutely gorgeous. It was a little cooler out and not windy. The sun was shining and everyone was smiling. The conditions were perfect.

Paddleboards!So many paddleboards! There were over 100 paddlers there to enjoy the sights and do something they love. The race started at 9:45 am and was a grueling 6.5 mile paddle. The start was from the water so that was my first time doing that. Everyone lines up already in the water on their boards and then suddenly, the air horn goes and the race BEGINS! It all happens so fast!

The StartI would recommend definitely getting a camel bak or something before deciding to paddle a race as fast as you can for over 6 miles.. WARNING: YOU WILL GET THIRSTY! I made that little error. I was so dehydrated. Not good.

RacersThis is a map of the race course. It’s a beautiful course. So much wildlife and blue water. And it’s right in my backyard. I love it so much!

SarasotaSUPOct12CourseMapHere is the links to the results:

And here are some more pictures. RedBull, Kona Brewing Co and HovieSUP were all sponsors of the event so a big thanks to them!


CIMG4087I ended up placing 3rd for the Women’s 12’6″ Elite Division, which is awesome! I didn’t think I was going to even place. I haven’t had time to train because school gets in the way. My board is in Sarasota, which isn’t easy for me to get to. So I had to just try and keep up with these super fit women. Everyone was so good!


DCIM104GOPROAdditional Links: – SUP Sarasota Facebook Page – My Facebook Page – Sarasota SUP Race Series website

WIN a FREE Entry into a Marathon at the Biltmore Estate!

So something I’ve been wanting to do is run a marathon. Finding the time to train is tough but I’m more than ready to finally get this off my bucket list. I’m ready to train hard and run my first marathon! Gosh, it sounds so exciting just thinking about it. Completing a marathon would be such an achievement. No one in my family has ever done anything like that. This marathon is in Asheville, North Carolina and looks like a perfect place to run a marathon. The views look incredible.


I would wear my Mizuno Wave Elixir’s for this race. However, I know they are being discontinued and thankfully, I bought some more. So I have back up! I also, run in the Wave Sayonara’s but I feel more comfortable in the Elixir’s. Mizuno is sponsoring the 2014 Asheville Marathon so you gotta wear the Mizunos! They are a great running shoe, so you’d want to wear them anyways. I have never had a problem with them. Ever.

Mizuno Shoes

Good luck with the contest! Read the rules carefully to make sure you enter correctly 🙂

Quick links:

My First Standup Paddleboard Race

This past weekend I participated in my first paddleboard race. I’ve had my board for about 6 months now but never thought I would ever be entering a race. Especially a race that was 6 miles long!

I’ve been training for about 2 weeks. Meaning I’ve been going out and paddling for about 6-8 miles about 4 times a week. People really underestimate how tiring and exhausting paddleboarding is.

Paddleboards along the beach

Paddleboards along the beach

The race was at my local beach, Siesta Key, which made it so nice. I had no idea what to expect. First thing I see is a big RedBull tent and many other paddleboard companies with tents set up. It was so awesome seeing so many people walking their boards onto the beach getting ready to race.



Photographers were everywhere! Some from newspapers and magazines, such as Standup Paddleboard Magazine, and helicopters were flying all around too. Also, the crowd of people watching the race made me feel so important and so excited.

A map of the race course

A map of the race course

It all started so fast. It was a beach start meaning everyone lines up on the beach and runs into the water with their boards. It is crazy! So many people funneling into a single point at the first turn. If you don’t start well then you basically already lose.

The start of the race

The start of the race

The conditions were not so good either. Rolling waves and chop making people fall left and right. Thankfully, I only fell once but other people weren’t as lucky. The race was 4 laps, each lap being 1.5 miles and after every lap you had to run off your board back onto the beach and then run back into the water. It was so exhausting.

Coming in after lap 2

Coming in after lap 2

I’m so glad I did this race and can’t wait for the next one, which is on August 24th. I got 2nd place for the women in the 12’6 Eltie division. I can’t even describe how awesome the whole experience was!

The award ceremony! Me with the organizer of the race

The award ceremony! Me with the organizer of the race

Siesta Key Paddleboard Race

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