Battle on the Blueway SUP Race Recap: 06/11/2016

Race Day: June 11, 2016 – 8:30 AM start time, 7 miles


  • Flat
  • No wind
  • Partly cloudy
  • 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 90 percent humidity


5:15 am wake-up, I’m on the road by 5:25 am and start my trek to Ft. Myers Beach, FL. Arrived at the beach around 7:10. The weather was perfect, this week we had so much rain (a tropical storm even!) so it was so nice to not have a thunderstorm.

Check-in was easy, the shirts they give you at this race are my favorite of any race. A nice long sleeve and since I paid $85.00 to enter and $15.00 to park this shirt better be made of silk. Very expensive race. But that’s probably because there is $10,000 given out to top finishers.

Major prize money races include Ron Jon Pro 7 Mile Men’s 14 & 12’6” and Women’s 12”6”. Please see break down of prize money below.

1st – $1400
2nd – $850
3rd – $500
4th – $250
5th – $100


I placed 7th and was really happy with it. I had a great start and a great finish, but just have to work on the endurance in the middle. There were three laps of about 2.5 miles each. The first lap I felt great, then hit a wall on the 2nd lap and then the 3rd lap, I felt good again… Figures.

Anyways, they had Jason’s Deli for lunch, which if you know me, then you know its my ultimate favorite place to eat! So that was awesome. And we got to try out the new Hobie Eclipse. It’s like an elliptical on water!

It was great to see everyone. These SUP races make me feel so less isolated. During the week, I’m so tired and busy with work that I never see anyone. These races remind me that I have friends and cool people do exist!


Can’t wait for the next one! But that’s probably not until August. I’ll be training in the meantime 🙂

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Paddle At The Porch: SUP Race Recap

After one of my longest weeks at work, I decided to travel 7 hours to Destin, FL. So right after I got off on Friday, I hit the road. I have never traveled that far to a paddle board race before but I thought why not! My uncle lives 20 minutes from the race venue so no hotel and my mom was willing to make the trip with me so I had company and good bonding time with her!

Paddle at the Porch

The race took place at a restaurant called “The Back Porch.” The race had plenty of parking and an easy drop off area for your boards. The beach had nice white sand and the water was so clean and clear. The weather was overcast so the temperature was not nearly as hot as usual, which was awesome! However, there was a lot of wind, waves and a very strong current. Oh, and jellyfish with super long tentacles everywhere!!!!

DSC02232 DSC02233

The race began at 9 am and consisted of 4 laps with a beach start and a running finish for a total of 6 miles. The start was pretty crazy with people falling left and right, I even fell at the beginning after getting hit by a wave. I ended up falling three more times due to exhaustion and my legs getting fatigued. You lose focus for a second and the next one, you are in the water.

Race pic

This race had the roughest conditions I have ever dealt with. I even wore my leash, just incase! The most exhilarating part of the race for me, was riding a wave into the beach on the last lap. I do not surf, like at all… so to catch a wave and not fall was the greatest feeling! I didn’t even care if I placed or not, after that just happened.


I ended up getting 2nd, I had no idea! So that was great to hear! I never really knew how many women were in front of me the whole race. The great thing about making it to the podium was receiving a $1,000 check! CHA-CHINGGG! That’s the most money I’ve ever won in an event.


Overall, the race was organized very well! The one thing I didn’t really like was how the food was setup and what it was but other than that, I had no complaints!

CONGRATS to my HovieSUP teammate, Kieran Grant for getting first in the Men’s 14′ Elite and taking home $1500 and to my buddy, Connor Bonham for taking 2nd for the Mens 14′ Elite.

DSC02265 DSC02255

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Cocoplum 10K SUP Race: Recap 7/11/15

Today I did a race that not only included SUP’s but mostly canoes and kayaks. I wasn’t expecting that! The race was in North Port, FL in a little canal. It was flat and hot with no current. The race started at 9:30 in the morning and ended up being just over 5 miles, which made me pretty happy because the heat was brutal.

Sup Race

I was also super dumb this morning and put my board in a bad spot on top of my car and it got damaged by the part of the car that holds the antenna for the radio. So now I have a hole in my board… ughhh gotta get that fixed.

It was a nice event that was super cheap! Only 15 dollars and the proceeds went to the North Port Youth Summer Camp. The people in charge of the event were super nice and everything was easy. Sign-up was easy and the course was easy. Just a simple down and back. The only thing is the waterway was kinda boring with not much to look at and my mom came with me and it wasn’t a race that could be watched. Also, not a great race to go to if you aren’t racing, no shade!!!


However, overall it was fun. I liked how awards were right after. I was home by noon and the race was an hour away. Most races drag out all day and it was nice that it only took up my morning! I got first and a cool little trophy. Everyone that participated got a medal, which was awesome!

One strange thing though was the start, I had a kayaker hit me at the start. Everyone started together! Some people weren’t too good at controlling their watercraft.

I got first for the women

Finish line

Races are so much fun and the people are great! If you don’t SUP, I think you definitely should start!

Treadmill Incline Workout

Another cold morning, means another treadmill workout. I tested out some incline today and it wasn’t easy. But that’s the point! Also, prior to this, I did a 2 mile jogging warm-up, followed by dynamic stretching and I was also mentally preparing myself for what was to follow:

WorkoutI like to give myself enough time when I am walking at a 4.0 so I can recover, towel off, and drink some water. Also, catch your breath because as the workout continues, it gets tougher.

If you follow this you should end with approx. 3.75 miles and if you do a 2 mile warm-up than it is about 5.75 miles!

Treadmill Incline

The first 6 minutes in each set are challenging, but once you push through the second half is not too bad.

Change the speed first.

Then change the incline.

Only hold onto the treadmill while you are changing settings.

Remember you can adjust this workout to your fitness level. Also, you don’t have to repeat it 3 times, even once is good! That’s why I always do a 2 mile warm-up because I feel accomplished before the workout even starts, just incase I have to cut it short.

Have a good workout!


What I Do In My SKORAs: Boxing for ‘FIT’ness

I thought it would be fun and challenging to see how many activities I can do my in Skoras. They are great for running but they can be great for other things too or maybe even not so good. So this past week, I took a free boxing class and loved it. I went online, bought a groupon and now I have unlimited classes for 2 weeks!

Boxing in my Skora FITs

This boxing class is more of a cardio class. We don’t box against each other. But that’s perfectly fine with me, I’m just looking for a workout, not a black eye. The place I go to is called Punch Boxing for Fitness. It’s awesome. My friend actually pushed me into going and I’m so happy she did!

First time taking a boxing class!

First time taking a boxing class!

The classes last about an hour and by the end of it, I’m drenched in sweat and wasted tired. I mean it feels great to work hard and to feel sore the next day. I love finding new activities to do because I always seem to do the same things: play tennis, paddle board and run. This was an exciting and new way for me to get my cardio in.

The great thing about this class is so many things are mixed in like push-ups, jump roping, lunges, burpees, squats, jumping squats, mountain climbers, and so much more. After every session, the trainer always has a core circuit that will kill your abs. Everything gets worked.

The flexibility that the Skora FIT has, is perfect for this.

The flexibility that the Skora FIT has, is perfect for this.

The shoes definitely can withstand everything in this class. All the jumping, all the lunges, all the squatting and all the punching. When boxing you are on the front of your feet a lot because you want to be light on your toes. That way you are able to bounce around a lot, that’s why the Skora FIT is a really good ‘Fit’ for a cardio boxing class.

I made a quick little video on what exactly happens in class and after watching this, you should have a really good idea on how much work you have to give. Here it is!


How to get a Flat, Sexy Stomach

How to get a flat, sexy stomach. First, we have to look at the problem. Think about what you are doing now and how it obviously isn’t working since you’re still looking to get that stomach flatter. Also, remember that we all have abs. They are there. However, getting them to be noticed is the problem. We have to get rid of that layer of fat that covers them. It is a challenge and if you sick through it… you will see results you could never even imagine! Which is the best feeling in the world. Alright so now in order to do this there are two things that need to be focused on: Diet and Exercise.

The Diet:

Now since I don’t know everyone’s body type and how exactly your individual bodies work. You have to work on managing what you need to make it work for you.

  1. Drink lots of water.Personally, I feel like this is the most important thing to do. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and you will keep flushing out all of the bad toxins in your body, which is great! It will also improve your skin. Drinking water also is good to do when you feel hungry at a time you shouldn’t be. Also, you can tell if you are drinking enough by

    Berry your way to a flat stomach!

    simply looking at the color of your pee. If it’s a dark yellow, you need to drink up. The clearer the more hydrated you are.

  2. Fiber. Eat lots of fiber. You can find fiber in fruit and veggies. I say the best thing to eat is broccoli. Making sure you get enough fiber will also help clean out your body by keeping your system regular. It can also help lower your cholesterol. Also, berries are great for trying to get that flat stomach and they are delicious.
  3. Eat 5 meals a day. Try and eat something every 3-4 hours. This will keep your metabolism going. 2 of the 5 meals are snacks… keep those light and healthy to keep you on track. Good snacks are apples and peanut butter, fruit salad, granola, fat-free yogurt anything small and healthy will do. Pick what you like.
  4. No more junk! Get rid of it. Don’t look at it, don’t think about it. Seriously if you want to lose weight in your stomach you have to stop eating chips, ice cream, chocolate, and refrain from fast food as much as you can. If you absolutely need some look to frozen yogurt or sorbet.
  5. Eat. One huge mistake people often make is not eating. This won’t work and it’s not good for you. Also, eat breakfast. You should be hungry in the morning if you are eating light before bed and working out. You will become like me… I look forward to breakfast, it’s my favorite meal! I wake up so hungry. I have no idea how people skip it.

The Exercise:

  1. Cardio. Cardio, cardio, cardio… learn to love it. You can do anything just get moving for 30 mins a day, do more if you can. More is better. If you are new to cardio start walking and eventually start jogging. But I love the elliptical, rollerblading, biking, running, stair master, dancing, jump roping, golfing(but carry your bag.. don’t get a cart)… find several cardio workouts that you like so you can change it up. Make it fun.
  2. Ab workouts. After cardio is the best time to do abs. You are in the workout mood and your body is warmed up and ready to go. There are so many ab exercises out there. Tons of them. Some I like may not work for you. Do exercises that you do right and ones that you can feel it working. Its good to really push it. That’s how you get stronger. When you feel like stopping do just a little longer. I like doing planks, scissor kicks, toe-touches and I don’t know names for a lot of them and incorporate a medicine ball. If you go to a gym watch other people and see what exercises they do to give you more ideas. But it is easy to make up your own.
  3. Rest and stretch. If you kill your abs one day, let them rest but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do cardio. It’s ok to take a day off a week. But if you don’t need it, don’t take it. Also, yoga is great to help recover faster and it prevents injury.

Now that you know what to do. Let’s do it. And remember once you reach your goal, don’t change what you have been doing. You can’t stop. You have to keep working on it. But it takes 21 days to create a habit and I’m sure it will take longer then 21 days to get what you are looking for so that habit will be there when you are done! Good Luck!