Battle on the Blueway SUP Race Recap: 06/11/2016

Race Day: June 11, 2016 – 8:30 AM start time, 7 miles


  • Flat
  • No wind
  • Partly cloudy
  • 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 90 percent humidity


5:15 am wake-up, I’m on the road by 5:25 am and start my trek to Ft. Myers Beach, FL. Arrived at the beach around 7:10. The weather was perfect, this week we had so much rain (a tropical storm even!) so it was so nice to not have a thunderstorm.

Check-in was easy, the shirts they give you at this race are my favorite of any race. A nice long sleeve and since I paid $85.00 to enter and $15.00 to park this shirt better be made of silk. Very expensive race. But that’s probably because there is $10,000 given out to top finishers.

Major prize money races include Ron Jon Pro 7 Mile Men’s 14 & 12’6” and Women’s 12”6”. Please see break down of prize money below.

1st – $1400
2nd – $850
3rd – $500
4th – $250
5th – $100


I placed 7th and was really happy with it. I had a great start and a great finish, but just have to work on the endurance in the middle. There were three laps of about 2.5 miles each. The first lap I felt great, then hit a wall on the 2nd lap and then the 3rd lap, I felt good again… Figures.

Anyways, they had Jason’s Deli for lunch, which if you know me, then you know its my ultimate favorite place to eat! So that was awesome. And we got to try out the new Hobie Eclipse. It’s like an elliptical on water!

It was great to see everyone. These SUP races make me feel so less isolated. During the week, I’m so tired and busy with work that I never see anyone. These races remind me that I have friends and cool people do exist!


Can’t wait for the next one! But that’s probably not until August. I’ll be training in the meantime 🙂

Race websites:

Facebook              Results



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Paddlefest: Sup Race Recap Nov. 14, 2015

I signed up just hours before this race, so happy I didn’t have to work that Saturday and got to compete instead. My last race didn’t go too well, which makes me super eager to get out there again. The race was about an hour from my house at Manasota Key, a place I’ve never paddled before.

Manasota Key

First thoughts: it was cold (first cold front in Florida), windy, and an unfamiliar place so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. The race director changed the course due to conditions, which actually shortened the course by over 1 mile. That’s okay with me!

We did not go out into the Gulf of Mexico

We did not go out into the Gulf of Mexico

For breakfast I had a lot of water and a Quest bar 2 hours before race time. I also tried OX Endurance formula for the first time before the race. And I really liked it! I think it gave me an extra boost! It did hydrate me as well! I felt good throughout the length of the course, which is awesome.

The start of the race was not too good. No one knew when to go, there was a warning horn that some thought was the starting horn and then with the confusion, the race started. It was a mess in the beginning but thankfully, I started in a good place. But others weren’t as lucky.

This race had some different rules then most. You could not draft any watercraft until after the first buoy turn, which was over 1 mile away. This rule definitely helped me, I’m not a huge fan of pulling people, so I tried to snag a lead early. And then, the race director said you could draft anyone of any board size or class. I ended up getting right behind a guy on a 14′ and then had a guy on a prone board behind me.

Hoviesup Team

Overall, the race was well done. There was a decent BBQ afterwards and vendors. It was a lot of fun. The location was great and it was easy to unload your boards. The race had awards for Top Finishers and a raffle afterwards. Not too shabby.

I ended up placing 1st in the Women’s Elite 12’6″! Woohooo

DSC02485 Results

My HovieSUP team did really well! Having multiple riders place in several divisions.

Congrats to:

Here are some links with more information Paddlefest:

Website                 Facebook                 Results

More info on me

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Paddle At The Porch: SUP Race Recap

After one of my longest weeks at work, I decided to travel 7 hours to Destin, FL. So right after I got off on Friday, I hit the road. I have never traveled that far to a paddle board race before but I thought why not! My uncle lives 20 minutes from the race venue so no hotel and my mom was willing to make the trip with me so I had company and good bonding time with her!

Paddle at the Porch

The race took place at a restaurant called “The Back Porch.” The race had plenty of parking and an easy drop off area for your boards. The beach had nice white sand and the water was so clean and clear. The weather was overcast so the temperature was not nearly as hot as usual, which was awesome! However, there was a lot of wind, waves and a very strong current. Oh, and jellyfish with super long tentacles everywhere!!!!

DSC02232 DSC02233

The race began at 9 am and consisted of 4 laps with a beach start and a running finish for a total of 6 miles. The start was pretty crazy with people falling left and right, I even fell at the beginning after getting hit by a wave. I ended up falling three more times due to exhaustion and my legs getting fatigued. You lose focus for a second and the next one, you are in the water.

Race pic

This race had the roughest conditions I have ever dealt with. I even wore my leash, just incase! The most exhilarating part of the race for me, was riding a wave into the beach on the last lap. I do not surf, like at all… so to catch a wave and not fall was the greatest feeling! I didn’t even care if I placed or not, after that just happened.


I ended up getting 2nd, I had no idea! So that was great to hear! I never really knew how many women were in front of me the whole race. The great thing about making it to the podium was receiving a $1,000 check! CHA-CHINGGG! That’s the most money I’ve ever won in an event.


Overall, the race was organized very well! The one thing I didn’t really like was how the food was setup and what it was but other than that, I had no complaints!

CONGRATS to my HovieSUP teammate, Kieran Grant for getting first in the Men’s 14′ Elite and taking home $1500 and to my buddy, Connor Bonham for taking 2nd for the Mens 14′ Elite.

DSC02265 DSC02255

Race Links:

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Sarasota SUP Championships at Siesta Key Beach: Race Recap

This is the third time I have competed in this race and the last two times were super wavy and windy! But not this time! It was calm with just a few little bumps. However, no wind during the Florida Summer time means super hot, so hot!


Before everyone showed up!

Before everyone showed up!

I was so happy to have my parents, my aunt and uncle and some of my best friends come out and support me! I couldn’t have done it without them. My dad helped me with my board every lap and my mom gave me water while I ran on the beach! My friends and family I could hear cheering, it was such a great atmosphere.



Also, my HovieSUP team was there! It’s always so much fun when we get together at these events. There was good food, live music, lots of vendors, and so many awesome paddle boarders and one was Danny Ching!

My team!

My team!

I ended up getting first in the 10K Women’s 12″6′ Elite Race and first overall. The course is a tough one so I was so nervous at the start! 7 buoy turns each lap, and there were 4 laps. After each lap, you had to run in and jump off your board then run on the beach, then jump back on your board AND do it again and again and again!!

My team did awesome as well!

Race website              Results               SUP-Sarasota

More pictures from the race!


Teaching my aunt!


The women who pushed me during the race!! They are fast!


Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 5.47.44 PM DSC02067

Need Running Shoes??? Here is the deal of the year!

Skora Running just informed me of this super amazing 2-day sale that starts tomorrow. You can buy any shoe on their site that is over 109 dollars and get a Skora FIT for FREE with your purchase. BOGO!!



^^^ This is a key step shoppers, DO NOT forget it!


It’s a deal so good I am going to participate. I’ve already ran in the Skora FIT for some time now and I am ready for another pair. I am in love with them!

If you aren’t sure about Skora, you can contact them on their website. They are so helpful! Or check out my Skora blog posts for more information:

The Skora FIT: Shoe Review

Skora FIT: Slackline Session

Skora FIT: Boxing Session

Don’t miss out on this sale of the year! We all do dumb things, don’t make this one of them! Deals like this don’t come often.

Skora Website                       Skora on Facebook                        Skora Blog




Sarasota SUP Race Series: Paddleboard Race #2

I’m so GO GO GO all the time that it’s difficult for me to just sit down and write but finally, here I am! This race took place on August 23 in Sarasota, FL at Lake Benderson. It’s this big, HUGE lake that will eventually hold the World Rowing Championships. It’s not an extremely exciting place to paddle because it’s just a big, flat lake and that’s it. However, the alligators keep you on your toes.

The Race Site

So here are some quick details from the race… the course was 6.2 miles (10K) in length, which was equivalent to 2 laps around the lake. However, what made this race a little bit more enticing was the fact that it was a beach start and just after about 40 yards you could choose to go left or right. I decided to go left…

The start!

The start! I had a pretty good start 🙂

These races are so much fun and so many paddlers come out! There was some good competition in every division, which makes everything more interesting! It was weird paddling and not knowing what place you are in because the women in my division went the opposite way of me so I had no idea. It was definitely unique.


You just had to paddle so hard the whole time because you just didn’t know! Overall, the race went way better than I expected. I placed 2nd and was just 90 seconds behind first place, which was an improvement! I’m excited for the the last race that is coming up in the series. It will be on October 11. That is coming up so soon!

My sister always comes to support!

My sister always comes to support!

Check out some links to see pictures, information, and results!

Results                          Facebook                               Pictures

Shoe Review: Day 3 – 4 Mile Beach Run

Running on the beach!

Running on the beach was the final test for my Karhu’s. Since I live in Florida near the coast, I absolutely love going to the beach. I like to get tone and tan, it’s a small handful who don’t like that combination. So in order to do that, I go for a nice run along the shoreline then relax by soaking up some sun. Florida has beautiful weather, however, in the summer time things tend to heat up significantly. It was close to 90 degrees Farhenheit but thankfully the sea breeze keeps it slightly cooler. The sand at this particularly beach where I love to run is packed down and the ground is even so it makes the run so nice. I have been to beaches where the sand is thick, and really difficult to just walk in. Also, some beaches are sloped by the shore making it painful to run, definitely not the case here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Karhu shoes worked perfectly. I had no problems at all. Some people may ask why I just don’t run barefoot on the beach? And I like to run with shoes because of all the shells. I don’t know if you have ever stepped on a sharp shell but it is not a good feeling. If you have never gone for a run on a beach, DO IT! The scenery is all paradise and if you get hot, just take a break in the water. Running and the beach are two of my favorite things and being able to combine them makes me the happiest I ever am. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Active Wear: Shoe Review

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Healthy: Beyond Diet And Exercise

Many people forget that being healthy is a lifestyle and it is more complex then just exercising and eating right. I made a list of some things we may forget to do everyday. We are all busy and sometimes forget the simplest tasks.

Hygiene: Hygiene is a big category when it comes to being healthy.

1. Brush/Floss Teeth: I know this has been drilled into your heads… but I will admit that even I ONLY occasionally floss(this post is for me too). You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day and don’t skimp out on the toothpaste. Also, if you have a manual brush and not electric, that is when flossing becomes even more important. Flossing once a day, before bed preferable, will make a difference in your teeth. With my mom being a dentist, I get this lecture all the time. Flossing will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease such as gingivitis. Flossing is an essential part of the tooth-cleaning process because it breaks up and removes plaque from between teeth and at the gumline. My dentist tells me that I’m starting to get gingivitis because I don’t floss regularly so that made me want to warn everyone else what may come, I NEED TO START FLOSSING!! It takes 21 days to make a habit so let’s start today!

2. Clip Your Nails: Your nails tell a lot about your health. Their texture, their shape, their color are all key factors. I was going to tell you about it but this video says it all. And don’t find it weird if you are looking at your nails the whole video or trying the tests afterwards… that’s what I did. Your nails can tell you if you have an iron deficiency, melanoma, and problems in your glands. Determining how often to cut your fingernails and toenails is different for everyone. It is recommended to do so regularly, such as once a week. Also, when you trim them, make sure not to leave jagged edges that could catch on clothing and tear the nail. I find it easiest to trim my nails after a shower or bath. The nails become softer after they have been soaking in water and therefore are easier to trim. Furthermore, fingernails grow faster than toenails, and the nails on your middle and ring fingers grow faster than the others. Nails on your dominant hand might also grow faster than those on your other hand so watch for that!

3. Wash Your Hands: I don’t think I have to explain this too deeply but washing your hands regularly is something that NEEDS TO BE DONE! It’s healthy for you and others. No one likes being sick, there’s no time for that, so please wash them. Use warm water and lots of soap. Make sure to scrub for about 20 seconds. Washing your hands is probably one of the healthiest things you can do.

4. Athlete’s Foot: It is a fungal infection that causes a rash on the foot. Wearing shoes without socks increases your chances of contracting the infection. If you are playing sports, I suggest bringing extra socks, extra socks are good to have. That way if you go out afterwards you aren’t stuck wearing your wet, dirty socks.

5. Washing Your Body: This is a VERY GOOD habit to have. Taking showers or baths regularly is a necessity to personal hygiene. Everyday you come in contact with so many germs and bacteria that you should want to shower to get it all off. Also, not showering leaves your skin and hair oily and greasy. This is not a good look or feeling. You will become more susceptible to pimples, zits and other skin problems. Overall, showering leaves you feeling fresh, who doesn’t want that?

Sun Protection: The sun has many harmful rays that damage our skin and eyes.

Hobie Polarized Sunglasses are great for not only style but for water sports as well

1. Wear Sunglasses: It doesn’t have to be summertime for the sun to cause damage, even on a cloudy day the sun can do harm. Harmful UV rays bounce off of the ground, water, and snow straight into your eyes. Studies show that exposure to bright sunlight may increase the risk of developing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and growths on the eye, including cancer. It doesn’t matter if it is artificial light either because the same risk applies when using tanning beds. Be sure to protect your eyes in any situation, indoor and out. Here are some quick tips when buying a pair of sunglasses:

  • Make sure your sunglasses block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Choose wraparound styles. This prevents sunlight coming in on the sides.
  • Don’t be deceived by color or cost. The ability to block UV light is not dependent on the price tag or how dark the sunglass lenses are.

 2. Wear Sunscreen: I see so many of my friends skip out on the sunscreen when we are out at the beach. I don’t understand why though. They always get the same after effect of burning and peeling. This is not smart. Melanoma is caused mainly by intense, occasional UV exposure (frequently leading to sunburn). I like to wear a sunscreen that is sweat proof and at least 30 spf. I don’t like spray sunblock because I feel like a lot is wasted when spraying on and it is easy to miss spots. Sunblock is expensive but that doesn’t mean skimp out on it, I definitely don’t want skin cancer and I think that would result in more expenses then just buying some sunblock now. Don’t forget to reapply too. When you are outside from 10 am-4 pm make sure to be reapplying at least every 2 hours. Especially to your face and neck.

3. Wear Chapstick: Seems easy enough but get some chapstick that contains a spf of at least 15. The lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body so you want to keep them moisturized and protected. Cancer of the lip can occur from over exposure to sunlight. This usual occurs in the bottom lip so always keep some chapstick nearby. But it is good to know that cancer of the lip can be adequately treated but still you want to prevent it.

Sleep: I know the amount of sleep needed is different for everyone, but still make sure to give yourself enough time to get the sleep you need.

I need 8 hours for me to be in a good mood and to be at the top of my game. Sleep can effect your body all around. It effects your daily performance, your mood, everything. It’s all connected. Make sure you have a good mattress and pillow that will help you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Stay Positive: Things will always get better.

Don’t be down about not having the body you want, or not getting the grades you want. Keep working at it. Great things take time. So stay happy, relax, don’t stress over anything for too long because before you know it, everything will be how you want it. You just have to remain positive. Keep reminding yourself to smile… even if you don’t want to. It can drastically change your mood, which influences the outcome of everyday. Most likely if you are in a better mood, you will do more things in less time and do a better job. 🙂