Paddle At The Porch: SUP Race Recap

After one of my longest weeks at work, I decided to travel 7 hours to Destin, FL. So right after I got off on Friday, I hit the road. I have never traveled that far to a paddle board race before but I thought why not! My uncle lives 20 minutes from the race venue so no hotel and my mom was willing to make the trip with me so I had company and good bonding time with her!

Paddle at the Porch

The race took place at a restaurant called “The Back Porch.” The race had plenty of parking and an easy drop off area for your boards. The beach had nice white sand and the water was so clean and clear. The weather was overcast so the temperature was not nearly as hot as usual, which was awesome! However, there was a lot of wind, waves and a very strong current. Oh, and jellyfish with super long tentacles everywhere!!!!

DSC02232 DSC02233

The race began at 9 am and consisted of 4 laps with a beach start and a running finish for a total of 6 miles. The start was pretty crazy with people falling left and right, I even fell at the beginning after getting hit by a wave. I ended up falling three more times due to exhaustion and my legs getting fatigued. You lose focus for a second and the next one, you are in the water.

Race pic

This race had the roughest conditions I have ever dealt with. I even wore my leash, just incase! The most exhilarating part of the race for me, was riding a wave into the beach on the last lap. I do not surf, like at all… so to catch a wave and not fall was the greatest feeling! I didn’t even care if I placed or not, after that just happened.


I ended up getting 2nd, I had no idea! So that was great to hear! I never really knew how many women were in front of me the whole race. The great thing about making it to the podium was receiving a $1,000 check! CHA-CHINGGG! That’s the most money I’ve ever won in an event.


Overall, the race was organized very well! The one thing I didn’t really like was how the food was setup and what it was but other than that, I had no complaints!

CONGRATS to my HovieSUP teammate, Kieran Grant for getting first in the Men’s 14′ Elite and taking home $1500 and to my buddy, Connor Bonham for taking 2nd for the Mens 14′ Elite.

DSC02265 DSC02255

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Are You Hungry For Some “LeftOvers?”

For some time now, I’ve been helping out another local blogger with some photography:

The end result is titled “LeftOvers” because it’s a lot of leftover footage that hasn’t been used yet from many days of filming. When the hard drive gets full on your computer, you have to do a big clean up to make space so this video was of a bunch of scraps thrown together, hence the name, “LeftOvers.” So in this video, I did a majority of the shooting but he did all the editing. It’s full of action and I’m sure there will be plenty more videos to come in the future. Maybe I will even be in one soon, who knows! 🙂

But here it is! All you need is less than 2 minutes to watch.

Also, if you are interested in trying the sport of kiteboarding or you already kiteboard, he’s a good one to ask any questions to about gear or anything kite related. He taught me, so I give him the thumbs up! He definitely is good at what he does. It’s fun, anyone can do it, and it’s a great workout. I recommend giving it a try!

Finding time to do everything

The past two days have been awesome! I played golf, went kiteboarding, and completed a high ropes course! So sick. I woke up and my legs were like noooo… so tired! My arms are so sore too! It’s great! So at golf… there wasn’t too much intensity. But I hit well considering I don’t play. I got par on a few holes! Haha. What made it more fun was bringing a GoPro out there so I made an edit of our time at the golf course. I was trying to make golf look exciting in the video but its hard. The intensity just isn’t there. But I got to work on my editing skills so take a look. It’s only 2 minutes long and the song is awesome!

Then, I went Kiteboarding the next day! I have done it before. The last time I think was in May though and I’ve only done it a few times before that. Haha so it was almost like starting new. My boyfriend, Drew, is really big into the sport and he has a great blog so if you want to know more on kiteboarding, CHECK IT OUT!

I want to get to his level!

He taught me all I know. I used to be scared when he took me out but all that changed! I went out and did so good! I was riding back and forth, going upwind and even tried to jump! It was such a rush. It was so windy too. Usually, if it would get too windy I would go in, but not today! Someone was taking pics so hopefully I get to see those soon! I had the best time out there.

Right after that, we had to rush to the ropes course! It was so much fun.

After zip lining… 2 thumbs up!

If you are afraid of heights this is a good way to get rid of that. And when you get to the top you get to zipline down, which is so cool, if you have never done it. I love being so active like this. My body is tired but it’s great to feel like you’ve worked hard and accomplished something. I love living in Florida and being able to be in the water and outside in January and not be cold but hot and sweating.