7 Things Serious Standup Paddleboarder’s Never Want to Hear

While taking my board off my car or putting it in the water, these are just some of the many phrases I hear over and over again… I would be a millionaire if I got a dollar every time someone said one of these to me.

1. There are alligators in that lake.

Now this is probably true but you don’t hear about alligators attacking paddleboarder’s too often. And if I see one, I’m not an idiot. I give it space and just mind my own business. Alligators are not going to keep me off my board especially since I live in Florida. This scenario is pretty much unavoidable.

2. You will get skin cancer.

I do live in Florida where the sun is usually shining but that doesn’t mean I don’t lather on my sunscreen. I also wear a hat and a lot of times a shirt. Personally, I’m in the sun more while I’m not even on my board.

3. Aren’t you scared of sharks?

I see sharks while paddling but just like the alligators, they don’t knock me off my board viciously and tear me to pieces. Normally, they see me and scurry away fast before I can even take a picture. Why is it that people are so scared of sharks?

4. Paddleboarding is so easy.

When I tell people I paddleboard, I know what they are thinking… They think of these leisure boards that are huge and the person paddling is barely moving. Yes, that is paddleboarding but I do it a little differently. If you think it’s easy, come try my board in the ocean for a few miles. Then we will talk.

5. The water is too cold.

Hence, why I’m standing on my board and not in the water. Yes, the water does get chilly but on days when it’s also cold outside, just don’t do anything too crazy where you might be repeatedly falling in.

6. Can you take me on your board?

So many people ask to ride double on my board and I wish we could because that would be fun. But my board is my baby. It get’s bruised really easily and is already unstable. Imagine two people on it. Disaster.

7. Is that a kayak?

I’m sorry but when the older generation asks me this question (which happens way more then it should) I can’t help but laugh a little. However, it just makes me realize how young this sport is. I try to educate them on standup paddleboarding so this question won’t pop up again.

These are just a few things that I personally get tired of hearing. If you have any more, please write them in a comment.

Happy paddling!



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