Sarasota SUP Race Series: Paddleboard Race #1

Okay okay… this race took place wayyyyy back in June and I am now just writing about it. However, I already wrote a post about it! WordPress crashed on me right as I went to post it! So since that happened I got pretty angry with WordPress and slightly boycotted it for the past month. Now, I’m over it and finally writing about it, hopefully all goes smoothly.

To begin, this race had crazy choppy and windy conditions. Which is something very unusual. Siesta Key is normally super flat. Rarely do you see waves. Like never. Anyways, the wind was onshore and even the wind didn’t cool down the air temperature. It was extremely hot. Imagine sweat dripping in your eyes and not being able to grip your paddle because your hands are just too soaked in sweat. I fell once on the last lap because I put my hand on the paddle shaft and it just slipped all the way down, which caused me to tumble off the front of my board. Fatigue didn’t help either. I was too tired to realize I was even falling until I was underwater…

Coming in to run the beach

Coming in to run the beach.

The race was 6 miles. The 6 miles consisted of a four laps. Each lap being 1.5 miles. So it was a beach start and after every lap you had to ride a wave in to shore and run a lap. I thought the run would be the easy part… definitely not the case. I was dumb and fell on 2/4 of the waves I rode in. I’d fall in waist to chest deep water while my board would ride the wave in. Running in water IS SO TIRING!! It takes everything out of you.

Beach Start

Beach Start

Also, this race was twice as stressful because money was given out to the top 3 finishers. I COULD WIN MONEY! $$$$ Who doesn’t want to win their entry fee back?!

First place: $150     Second place: $105       Third place: $45

And I ended up placing 2nd and the girl in third was just 20 seconds behind me!! It was a race to the finish. I felt so great and so terrible all at the same time.

The 12'6" Elite Women's top finishers

The 12’6″ Elite Women’s top finishers

My body was toast. I just fell over at the finish and I guess my mom’s first thoughts were to take pictures of me. Forget bringing me water. However, placing 2nd was an amazing feeling!



The race was incredible and I can’t wait until the next one in August. It’s going to be in flat water!

Here is more on the race!

Results                     Sarasota SUP Race Series                     Picture Gallery

Special thanks to all my family and friends who came to support! And HovieSUP. They make awesome boards that are so fast!


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