Shoe Review: The Merida Sandal by AHNU

My days are busy so normally, I don’t really enjoy spending an evening doing anything other then relaxing. However, I decided that I would go to Main Street to hit up the ever so popular “Music On Main.” It’s an event that it seems like the whole city goes to. Parking is horrendous and you stand the whole time, socializing and listening to a band.

Music on Main

So many people. This picture doesn't come close at all to how many people were there

So many people. This picture doesn’t even come close to how many people were actually there.

I’ll just say that this post is dedicated to a pair of shoes, an awesome pair of wedge sandals that I really like: The Merida by AHNU to be exact. I am so amazed by this simple sandal that I wore the other night. Most woman wear heels because they look cute and make their legs look great! However, most likely, those heels aren’t comfortable for standing and walking around in. How would you like it if I told you that I found a really cute sandal that is comfortable and still makes your legs look awesome! And it can be worn for a little bit of a fancier occasion or just a casual night. And did I mention how comfortable they are!

Looking casual and comfortable! And ready for fun!

Looking casual and comfortable! And ready for fun!

Seriously, it’s like I didn’t even have shoes on. They were soft and cushioned. Every time I took a step, they moved with my foot and The Meridaprovided my heel and the ball of my foot with something similar to the feel of a pillow. There’s really no other way to describe it. This shoe has a cork wedge, which makes it really light and easy to walk in. Also, the zipper in the back makes this shoe so simple to put on. One thing I do suggest though is to order a half size smaller then what you normally wear. That will be a better fit!

The Merida by Ahnu

The Merida by Ahnu

I have to raise my hand when asked, “How many of you have worn a sandal or heel that slips on tile and other surfaces?” I have slipped in front of so many people before. It’s terrible. One time it was raining and I ran into a building with tile floor and my next step, put me on the ground. This also happens sometime on my garage floor. Not fun! However, these shoes have a non-slip bottom. The outsole is rubber and you won’t have to worry about making markings on any floors either.

Overall, this shoe may not be a running shoe, but for when I’m not running, it’s perfect. Its got a heel but not too much and it’s comfortable, which makes me comfortable. They come in different colors too. Mine is the Toffee color but you do have other color options!

Don’t forget you can dress up too! 🙂

Dress up time!

Dress up time!

My favorite dress and my favorite shoes!

My favorite dress and my favorite shoes!

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Disclosure: Ahnu Footwear provided me with the Meridas in advance. I have been testing them in a variety of settings. All you have read are my own opinions. If you have any questions about the shoes, please contact me. Thank you!


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