Happy National Running Day! Where Will Your Run Take You?

If you haven’t run yet today or need ideas for new places to run, I suggest trying a local state park. I recently visited Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve (East), which is a Florida State Park in Ft Myers. This park is open all year! I recently had the opportunity to run here and it offered many different types of terrain for an overall great run!

The park includes shell, boardwalk and high grass trails to provide multiple levels of training. It also takes you along the beautiful Caloosahatchee River, so while running you have a great view.

We happened to go on a day that was very hot and muggy, which meant that the gnats were everywhere. They were in my hair, on my stomach, covering my neck, in my armpits… they were EVERYWHERE! We were sweating and running fast so the bugs were just sticking to us. However, it’s fun to make it into a game and see who can collect the most!

Gnats were all over us!

Gnats were all over us!

Overall, I had a great time running and then doing some nature trail walking afterwards for a nice cool down. The park isn’t great for a long run but has short trails that you can connect and weave through to make a nice running loop. We ended up doing 4 miles and after running in the high grass and heat, that was plenty for me!

The park includes benches, picnic tables, a canoe/kayak launch, restrooms, wildlife, and great nature trails. I’m sure you can find a park near you and get your run on!

Fun Run!

Fun Run!

We both run in Skora Shoes and they perform so well on all surfaces. I don’t have to worry about slipping, they can get wet, and their flexibility makes it easy for me to be agile on the trails. Things come up, like holes, big sticks, snakes, etc. that I need to avoid and I’m happy to have a shoe that I’m not scared about rolling my ankle in or falling.

HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! Now get out there and enjoy your run!


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