Skora Slackline Session

IT’S FRIDAY! And this is my second post in a series involving my Skora Shoes and just how many activities I can do while wearing them. A challenge? I think NOT! The previous post was about boxing and now… SLACKLINING!

So how many of you know what a slackline is?       Bueller?… Bueller?…

I discovered that some places have never heard of this great sport. A slackline is simple. It’s a line that can be stiff or more elastic depending on what kind of line you have. It also can be 1 inch wide or 2 inches wide and the lengths vary as well.

It is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it! Learn to walk and then you can work on tricks and make up your own. You can slackline in shoes or barefoot. I tried it in my Skora FITs and it worked just fine. I was excited that my feet didn’t have to get all dirty for once! I made a quick video of me performing the few things I can do on a slackline. I’m no pro obviously but maybe one day, I will work up the courage to do a backflip… over a pool, or foam pit. But for now, this is all I got.

Some benefits from slacklining are improved balance, focus, leg, core, and arm toning. Balancing is for sure one of the top benefits. The whole time you are balancing on a little piece of material suspended above the ground. A useful skill when the ground below you is covered in lava! Also, your focus will improve. You must really stay in the zone if you want to walk the line and perform without falling. Falling isn’t what you want to do to impress all the people starring. Overall, my body is just worked. My legs from keeping my body stable and even from jumping up on the line. My core is engaged during the entire session while walking on the line. And I keep my arms up for balance… believe me, your arms will get tired from going above your head, over and over again.

Now let’s all go be slackers!


3 thoughts on “Skora Slackline Session

  1. Have to say I’ve never seen/heard of this before, though it looks like it could be a whole lot of fun. Seems like a great way for a workout, too.

  2. It is a great workout. I remember when I was first learning, my legs got so sore because the line shakes a lot until you get the hang of it. SO MUCH FUN THOUGH!

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