Paddle Boarding: HovieSUP Sponsorship

Hey everyone! Recently, I had something very exciting happen to me… I signed with a paddle boarding company called HovieSUP! They make boards for all levels that are fast, lightweight and they look really good on the water. From racing to leisure to surfing, they make this sport even more awesome.

The web writer at my university found out about at this and asked to do an article on me and paddle boarding. I never thought that it would end up on the University of Tampa home page until Tuesday of next week! And then it will be in the archives forever! It’s cool to help get paddle boarding more hype especially at my school! The article pretty much sums up my paddle boarding adventures. The link is below!

Here’s the article: Senior Comm major knows what’SUP

I also got to try out a board the other day. It’s been beautiful weather in Florida, it’s so difficult not to be out on the water. Paddle boarding is such good exercise and so relaxing at the same time. My experiences paddle boarding compare to nothing else.

PaddleboardingSeriously, if you have any questions about the sport, let me know! Like if you don’t know what board to get or if you have a race coming up, I’m here to help.

More about HovieSUP:               Facebook                  Web


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