My Health Hero: My Sister’s

I’ve always been active and concerned with staying healthy, but I’ve never actually thought about who motivates me to be how I am today. I’m the youngest of 4 girls so I’ve always been trying to keep up with my sister’s. They are the ones that make me want to be better. We are all within 4 years of each other so we are very close in age. Ever since we were young, we have competed in sports together, from cheerleading to soccer to ballet to tennis, we’ve been through so much together.

Biking with all my sisters

Biking with all my sisters

We are all so close to each other and have gone through so much. We’ve had times were competition gets the best of us but we always work it out. They’ve always kept me working hard because even though I’m the youngest, I still want to be able to compete with them.

My oldest sister Lauren was who I looked up to when I first started playing tennis. She was so good. I was so jealous, all I wanted was to be like her. I worked everyday to try and get on her level. She worked out with me and gave me tips on how to improve my game. I remember her winning awards on her high school tennis team and all I know, is she always gives her all, no matter what.

Lauren and I at my college tennis match

Lauren and I at my college tennis match

My sister’s Morgan and Kristen are twins, however, they inspire me in different ways. Morgan has always been my top competitor. We fight the most but in return, push each other the most. She would always want to stay after tennis practice to do more and that would make me want to stay. If she can do it, so can I. We’d hit forever and then she’d want to go run and do other activities for cross training. She always has energy and finds time to be happy and healthy while studying in med school.

Morgan and I at tennis practice

Morgan and I at tennis practice

My sister Kristen has been there for me to tell me to slow down. She is always calm and relaxed. I never know when to stop or just give myself a day off and Kristen will be there for me to tell me, that it’s okay to take breaks. She keeps me healthy by telling me when I need to just slow things down. It’s good to have someone to help you because I know a lot of people who burn out from training and I don’t want to be one of them. She helps me space out my life and keep it balanced with tennis, school, friends and spending time at home with everyone.

Kristen and I having fun tubing

Kristen and I having fun tubing

All my sister’s are my health heroes. We thankfully have not had to deal with many injuries or anything too serious to keep us from moving around and spending time together outside. We all don’t get to see each other as much anymore since we are getting older but when we do get together, we always find time to go bike riding or do something outside and fun.


And most importantly, they support me in everything I do. From tennis in high school to tennis in college, they come watch my matches. But it’s not just tennis, they cheer for me in anything and everything that I do. We are always there for each other. They make me happier and healthier every day. And that is why they are all my Health Hero.

My sister's supporting me at States in High School.

My sister’s supporting me at States in High School.

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