Shoe Review: The New FIT by Skora

About a year and a half ago, I discovered a shoe that made me love running. I have been running for about 2 years now and have fallen in love with the feeling I get when it’s just me, my running shoes, and the outdoors. I have been fortunate enough to have started with 5k’s and quickly transition to 15k’s and then on to running my first half marathon.

I started with a shoe by Skora called the BASE. It’s a training shoe that is perfect for transitioning to natural running. It took me some time but after a few runs and sore calves, I felt a difference in my body. Everything just felt better. Who doesn’t want that?! This leads me to the next shoe, the Skora FIT. The name is perfect. It may sound cliche but seriously, if you want to get fit and see results while running efficiently, then I’d pay attention. Skora’s motto is to RunReal and my goal is to get all of you to try it.

Every shoe has positives and things that just get you hooked. So let’s start with that! These are what I love most about the FIT:

1. Seamless design: My first ever seamless shoe, and let me tell you that it’s great! I never thought that it would make a difference because I’ve never had a problem before but it seems so much more flexible and I don’t ever have to worry about rubbing. I bought my sister a pair and she has a bunion so I’m pretty sure she will love this feature!

Skora FIT2. Asymmetrical lacing: This means the laces are not directly down the middle of the foot. I like this feature because I have experienced rubbing from laces in the past. I have a bone that protrudes on my foot and it gets inflamed from many shoes. I have not experienced any discomfort from my FIT.

3. For a natural shoe, it still has cushion: It is a zero-drop but unlike most shoes, it still has cushioning and comfort. It’s a perfect shoe to begin running all natural in. I don’t always have access to trails and grass so I find myself on hard surfaces like concrete and pavement. Having the cushion makes a world of difference! I can still run naturally while having my body not take such a beating.

4. The color: I know, I know. PINK! I love pink! There’s also some blue! And other color combos on the Skora website, but this is Skorathe color combination that caught my eye. I do believe that if you like what you are wearing and feel pretty and confident, then your overall performance will increase. The color makes me feel so happy on my runs. It may sound weird, but looking down at the vibrant colors gives me an energy boost.

5. The durability: My first Skora shoes are still up and running! I’ve had them for about a year and a half and I still wear them. They have some dirt on them but the outsole is holding up! I’ve been keeping track of all my runs in the FIT so I now know how much mileage I have put on them. I’ve only done 35 miles in 2 weeks but once tennis season is over, I’m going to start running more. Lately, I’ve been just doing around 3 miles when I go out. You can see too that the outsole is thick and can withstand a lot.


6. Feels like a slipper: I said this right when I put the FIT on. And guess what, 2 of my friends tried the FIT on too and had the same reaction! I wish I would have recorded it! It’s amazing how well it fits your foot. The FIT only weighs in at 6.6 oz. It’s light and perfect for almost every activity. The zero-drop makes it my go-to shoe for the gym because while lifting you want to be as flat as possible on the ground. Skora Lift

7. Arch Support: My last comment being, I used to get cramps in my arches a lot. I’m thinking from lacking of support. The FIT has an internal archband midfoot support. I have experienced no discomfort in my arch while running and feel the support there. It’s noticeable to me in a good way. I love the feeling!

These shoes are great for hanging out around town and for in the gym!

These shoes are great for hanging out around town and for in the gym!

Alright, now it was really tough to think of some cons to the FIT. When it’s difficult to think of something that’s not a positive then you know, the shoe is a good one.

1. Some of the trails I run on are just rock/shells but… not just small pieces of rock or shell but large chunks that don’t really feel too good on the bottom of my feet while I run. I land on my midfoot and sometimes I can feel the rock right through my shoe. It’s not enough though to keep me running on these trails. It’s just a bit of an annoyance if I land just right on something sharp. Some other brands make shoes with a lot of cushion to avoid this but I would never surrender running natural for just a few bumps on my run.

2. Also, some people don’t like this but… I have had more people come up to me while wearing my FIT’s. People have stopped me to make comments about my shoes. I don’t mind answering questions about my shoes. But you just might get noticed more while wearing them. So expect that.

I just want to finish by saying I’m so happy I came across Skora a few years ago. I’m sure you can relate to when you find something that works, you just want to tell the world! And that’s exactly how I feel. I’m not making this up, these shoes changed my life through running. I encourage you to try them and Run Real.

Disclosure: Skora Running provided me with the new FIT in advance. I have had them for over 2 weeks and have been testing them in a variety of settings. All you have read are my own opinions. If you have any questions for me on the shoes, please contact me. Thank you!

If you want to learn more about SKORA, it’s easy! They have many social media outlets to check out!

Facebook         Instagram        Twitter        Web


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