SPARTAN RACE MIAMI: Discounts, information and more!

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of the Spartan Race. But have you ever had the guts to compete in one? You can’t use the excuse of there not being one close by to you because this race is offered all over! And if you happen to be in Miami on April 12-13, then there’s your chance to compete! You can compete in the Miami Spartan Super Race at Oleta River State Park.

Spartan Race Miami

Also, I have a 15% off promo code for all of you:

The races come in different distances so you can start small and work your way on up!

1. Spartan Sprint: 3+ MILES / 15+ OBSTACLES. The challenging sprint obstacle trail races are a great way to get off Spartan Raceyour couch and start living. This is perfect to get yourself started on these amazing and challenging races. 99.9% of all people who try this event will finish, and 100% will be fully satisfied with all the race had to offer! Also, top 3 Males and top 3 Females at each Spartan Sprint qualify for a free entry into a Super Spartan of their choice.

2. Super Spartan: 8+ MILES / 20+ OBSTACLES. The Super Spartan obstacle course race provides an 8+ mile battlefield of insane mud running with 20+ obstacles to test your physical strength and mental resolve. This race will put your endurance to the test and see exactly how hard you have been training. Live music and food will be waiting for you at the finish!

3. Spartan Beast: 12+ MILES / 25+ OBSTACLES. An obstacle course race from hell. If you have done any race anywhere in the world: whether a mud run, fun run, olympic run, bike race, death march or any kind of event claiming to be the “toughest race on the planet” you will be happy to know that this is where it ends..THIS IS THE SPARTAN BEAST! This race sounds so exciting, to finish it would be amazing! Try and do all three! I dare you!

Earn Medals! Not Just one, but 2!
Run in the Sprint, Super, and/or Beast Races this year and get your own finisher medal in addition to a piece of the Trifecta medal. Each race differs in length and obstacle count, but challenge can be found at the heart of each. Upcoming races include: Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Miami.

The Spartan Race was voted the #1 obstacle race by Outside Magazine and is the global leader in obstacle racing since 2005.

If you have any questions, ask away. Or if you have any feedback to give about these races… comment away!  Good luck Spartan competitors!


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