Full Moon Paddle Boarding

Downtown Tampa

Downtown Tampa

The other night was one of the most fun things I got to do: Paddle board at night underneath a full moon. I have never paddled at night before so I was really excited. All the lights reflecting on the water was such a pretty sight to see.


This past week, I got to paddle board 4 times while I was at school because I know keep my board up in Tampa with me. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. The shop, Urban Kai, stores my board and they were the host of the moonlight paddle board event.

Everyone that paddled!

Everyone that paddled!

There were about 25 people there and some of my close friends came so it was well worth it. We wore headlamps and some people had glow sticks to wear to help keep us lit up on the water. Where we paddled was right by downtown Tampa so there were many lights on both sides of the river and it was a super clear night.

My friends

Everyone there was so nice and chill that the atmosphere was great. My friends have never paddle boarded before and after this event they love the sport. I like to see people get hooked on the things I like to do, especially my friends! NEW PADDLE BUDDIES!

I definitely recommend trying paddle boarding at night! Go in a group, wear lights, and be safe, also watch for bugs. I bet this would be a great date idea too! Have fun everyone 🙂


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