Standup Paddleboard Race Results: SUP Sarasota Series Race #3

Finally got back out on my board and was able to race this past weekend. It blows my mind how most college students would rather be sleeping or partying instead of outside, especially when you live in Florida. The weather for this race was absolutely gorgeous. It was a little cooler out and not windy. The sun was shining and everyone was smiling. The conditions were perfect.

Paddleboards!So many paddleboards! There were over 100 paddlers there to enjoy the sights and do something they love. The race started at 9:45 am and was a grueling 6.5 mile paddle. The start was from the water so that was my first time doing that. Everyone lines up already in the water on their boards and then suddenly, the air horn goes and the race BEGINS! It all happens so fast!

The StartI would recommend definitely getting a camel bak or something before deciding to paddle a race as fast as you can for over 6 miles.. WARNING: YOU WILL GET THIRSTY! I made that little error. I was so dehydrated. Not good.

RacersThis is a map of the race course. It’s a beautiful course. So much wildlife and blue water. And it’s right in my backyard. I love it so much!

SarasotaSUPOct12CourseMapHere is the links to the results:

And here are some more pictures. RedBull, Kona Brewing Co and HovieSUP were all sponsors of the event so a big thanks to them!


CIMG4087I ended up placing 3rd for the Women’s 12’6″ Elite Division, which is awesome! I didn’t think I was going to even place. I haven’t had time to train because school gets in the way. My board is in Sarasota, which isn’t easy for me to get to. So I had to just try and keep up with these super fit women. Everyone was so good!


DCIM104GOPROAdditional Links: – SUP Sarasota Facebook Page – My Facebook Page – Sarasota SUP Race Series website


3 thoughts on “Standup Paddleboard Race Results: SUP Sarasota Series Race #3

  1. Congrats Katherine! You did a great on the race! That looks so cool, I wish I had time to do more things like that!

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