A Day on the Water: Paddleboard Training

Today was an absolutely amazing day to be out on the water. And the great thing is I can go in between class. I find myself so fortunate to be able to do what I love when I want.

Ringling Bridge


The weather was great, a little windy, more like a lot… 15 mph, gusting 20 mph. But when that wind was pushing you, you felt like you were flying. Paddleboarding is the most exhausting sport I’ve done. It makes my whole body tired.. back, arms, abs… woooweeee.


This upcoming Saturday, I have a paddleboard race so my friend and I went out to practice the race course. About 6 miles of grueling, nonstop (well I stopped to film some manatees :)) paddling. Well worth it. This is me after the paddle. It was so much fun!

After shot

I will post again after the race! It’s going to be so exciting. If you have never witnessed a paddleboard race, you should look into it or better yet, just enter for yourself.

Also, here is a little video of all the manatees I got to paddle with today! I can’t believe so many of them were all around me.

Paddling With Manatees!


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