WIN a FREE Entry into a Marathon at the Biltmore Estate!

So something I’ve been wanting to do is run a marathon. Finding the time to train is tough but I’m more than ready to finally get this off my bucket list. I’m ready to train hard and run my first marathon! Gosh, it sounds so exciting just thinking about it. Completing a marathon would be such an achievement. No one in my family has ever done anything like that. This marathon is in Asheville, North Carolina and looks like a perfect place to run a marathon. The views look incredible.


I would wear my Mizuno Wave Elixir’s for this race. However, I know they are being discontinued and thankfully, I bought some more. So I have back up! I also, run in the Wave Sayonara’s but I feel more comfortable in the Elixir’s. Mizuno is sponsoring the 2014 Asheville Marathon so you gotta wear the Mizunos! They are a great running shoe, so you’d want to wear them anyways. I have never had a problem with them. Ever.

Mizuno Shoes

Good luck with the contest! Read the rules carefully to make sure you enter correctly 🙂

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