A Summer Adventure: Don’t Forget Your SPF, Water And Hiking Boots!

Summer time, at last, we meet again… which means going to the beach, hanging with friends, and playing outside have all taken over. Sadly, that means less time to write and sit on the computer. But here I am, finally some time to relax and type away!

A few days ago, I went to Oscar Scherer State Park in Florida… only a 45-minute drive from my house, which is awesome! One of the main purposes of this little adventure was to test out my new hiking Montara Boots from Ahnu. It was a great day to be outside. Only about 90 degrees, sunny, no wind, and not a cloud in the sky. It felt similar to a desert but all that made the trip!

A hot, sunny day in Florida

A hot, sunny day in Florida

There were endless trails to take but I decided with a 2-miler. The path ended up being deep sand, not the best terrain, but it made me really happy I had my boots on. No sand was getting in my shoes and socks! My boots are made by Ahnu and are made for traditional hiking, fast hiking, and all day walking, so basically you can wear them whenever! Don’t forget they are waterproof too!

Sand Trail

Found this little guy on the path, you can see it was all sand. However, sand or no sand, the boots are made for the most rugged terrain. They are waterproof and breathable. So believe it or not but by the end of the hike, thunderheads were building and rain clouds quickly swept over the clear skies.

Not all the trails were sand, some were leaves and dirt. These paths ran alongside a river and were shaded, which was a great relief from the heat of the day.

River walk

The Montara Boot has features that will keep your feet dry and features that will keep you stable for when the terrain gets rugged. The boot also has Vibram outsoles, which are one of the top outsole companies around and are known for some running shoes as well, such as the Minimus Trail by New Balance.

Montara Boot

Hiking Trail

Oscar Scherer State Park was a lot of fun. I forgot to mention that it is also known for the Florida Scrub Jay. I had no idea people travel  from all over to catch a glimpse of this magnificent bird. It’s known for being tame and really friendly to humans.

I HAD ONE FLY RIGHT AT ME!!!! Basically right at my face, talk about being friendly…

It would have landed on me but I got out of its way (It startled me at first). It was pretty crazy at the time. I had to do a matrix move in order for it to miss me. Then, he decided to land on a tree branch instead and stared at us as we continued on. He was probably mad I didn’t let him land on my head.

Florida Scrub Jay

I’m sure my new boots would have done great anywhere! They come in many colors such as Astral Aura, Tawny Port, Dark Grey, Black and Smokey Brown colorways. Now they can match all your hiking and outdoor clothes. I came across these boots in the Backpacker Magazine featuring 2013’s best new gear! Make sure to check it out! Hiking is so much fun and remember, you don’t always have to be running. That’s not the only way to get in shape. Hiking is also a great way to get out and moving.

Have a great day everybody!


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