Are You Hungry For Some “LeftOvers?”

For some time now, I’ve been helping out another local blogger with some photography:

The end result is titled “LeftOvers” because it’s a lot of leftover footage that hasn’t been used yet from many days of filming. When the hard drive gets full on your computer, you have to do a big clean up to make space so this video was of a bunch of scraps thrown together, hence the name, “LeftOvers.” So in this video, I did a majority of the shooting but he did all the editing. It’s full of action and I’m sure there will be plenty more videos to come in the future. Maybe I will even be in one soon, who knows! 🙂

But here it is! All you need is less than 2 minutes to watch.

Also, if you are interested in trying the sport of kiteboarding or you already kiteboard, he’s a good one to ask any questions to about gear or anything kite related. He taught me, so I give him the thumbs up! He definitely is good at what he does. It’s fun, anyone can do it, and it’s a great workout. I recommend giving it a try!


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