Half Marathon Training: Almost Ready

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in a 9 mile run. And it came at the perfect time! Since that was the length of the run I was supposed to do that day, according to my half marathon training schedule. The run was called the Deck 2 Deck Fun Run. It was a free event, with free breakfast and a free trolley ride back to the start. Can’t get better than that!

At 6:30 am before the run began! So excited!

Map of the course! Lido Key to Siesta Key

We ran from the Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar on Lido Key to the one on Siesta Key. Hence, the name Deck 2 Deck. 🙂

Signs are the best

It also was along the water and over bridges so it was a very scenic route. I enjoyed it and realized that I am more prepared then I thought for my half marathon. I ran in my Skora’s, the shoes I will be running my half marathon in. But let me tell you, they kicked my butt. I am writing this 3 days after and my calves are just now feeling better but the day after, they were SOOOO SORE. But that’s what a minimalist shoe will do to you. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love them. No pain, no gain. 🙂 Got my sister hooked on them too!


I ended up running the 9 miles in 1:14, which made me feel so accomplished. My second half was faster than my first so that gives me reassurance that something I am doing, has got to be working. 🙂


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