Arch Pain: Does Anyone Else Get Foot Cramps?

It is a horrible feeling. I have had this problem for some time now. Even before I started running, I had this problem. I used to play tennis all the time and tennis requires you to be on your toes, ready to move in all directions and sometimes when I would push off the ground the arch in my foot would cramp… Then I would cringe in pain and not make the shot. I don’t cramp anywhere else and it only happens sometimes. I have no idea why!

Now when I run, after about 20 minutes in, one of my feet will cramp in the arch. I then have to stop and stretch it out, which is not what I want to do when I’m trying for a time or just on a nice run. It throws everything off. And then, about every 10-15 minutes after that, the cramp returns. But this is only some days. Not all the time.

My one friend said it could be from changing shoes all the time. I play tennis everyday, so I have my tennis court shoes on, then I put on cross training shoes for the gym, then my minimalist shoes for the my run. I thought it was my running technique but it happened long before I became addicted to running.

This website says that I should just roll my arches with an icy water bottle. Do you do this before or after you run? or both? I just want the pain to go away. I’m going to start doing this though. So fingers crossed!

Rolling your arch with an icy water bottle

Does anyone else experience these problems? Has anyone found relief? I’m getting worried because I’m training for a half marathon and I don’t want it to affect me during my race. That’s the last thing I want.



12 thoughts on “Arch Pain: Does Anyone Else Get Foot Cramps?

  1. Stretching your arches by massaging with a firm ball, in the same manner the website recommends using the ice will help. Use the ice after activity. Also, making sure your legs, especially calves and shins are stretched. It may be worth it to get a massage to work the knots out. Also, if you have high arches look into arch support. Minimalist running isn’t for everyone, I’m sorry, it just isn’t. I know there are plenty of people that rave about it, but if you’re running on pavement and concrete I don’t believe you should be running with no support. Also, getting a biomechanical assessment of your running mechanics might be something to look into as well. They video you running and critique your form so you can make improvements.

  2. You are not the only one; I have the same. exact. problem. I totally know what you mean! It’s pretty miserable. I should try doing the water bottle thing too. Hopefully it’ll work! 🙂

  3. I’ve had the same problem my entire life!! I’m going to try the icy water bottle trick next time, but normally i stretch my foot against a wall, sometimes for at least 20 minutes. It’s a horrible feeling! I found that I actually get a cramp more often when I’m wearing shoes that have a pretty thick/higher arch (is that arch support?)

  4. I have the same problem for over a year now. After running, working out or playing hockey for 25 mins, my arch will cramp..did anyone have any success in treating this? My physiotherapist has given up on me.

  5. Did anyone have any success in treating this? I have the same problem and it is terrible. After 20 mins of running, working out, or playing hockey, i get a cramp in my arch and have to stop activity. This has been going on for over a year, changing shoes and ortotics have not helped and my physiotherapist has given up. Help would be appreciated!!!

  6. What I was thinking is that maybe orthotics would be something to try if you don’t already have them. If you’re food it properly supported and cushioned that could help.

  7. I have had this problem for years. I went to a podiatrist and he said doing calve stretches daily helps too, because the calf being right affects the arch. I notice this most often after wearing heals and then switching to flats immediately after. Also, flip flops cause your toes to grip and that will trigger the cramps sometimes too. Ugh I hate the feeling though! It has happened to me while driving and I’m like almost screaming in pain! It’s like I feel like I have to immediately reach down and press the middle of my arch or it’s going to tear. Such a gross feeling! The stretches definitely have helped me and when i have not stretched my calves and feet the cramps pop back up.

  8. Over the years I have tried many things to alleviate this pain. Every night before I got to bed I roll a golf ball under my arches in the same manner that the water bottle is used. I loosens up the muscles in my arches and massages the bottom of my feet. This has worked wonders for me!

  9. Frozen bottle of water is the perfect solution. Also, hydrate better before runs (night before or during day). I drink about 80-120 oz a day. If I drink less than 50 I cramp. I do 100 heel raises (standing on a curb) as part of stretching before run. The heel raises not only solved the arch cramping but now my Achilles never bothers me anymore. Food that is high in protein helps rebuild muscles so that will help. I keep a regular supply of protein bars. I used to cramp all the time, but proton bars, heel raises, & lots of water solved it.

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