Taking It To The Trails: Reasons Why

It’s a new revoultion of running… TRAIL RUNNING! That requires a new revolution of running shoes… THE MINAMILST SHOE!

Recently, I have become more interested in taking my runs from the streets to the trails. Running on the road is much different then running on roots, mud, rocks, hilly terrain, etc. I have heard that once you start trail running, you won’t want to go back to the streets.

I find Trail Running to be so much more beneficial than any road run that I have done. I also, feel that I have to work a lot harder while running on trails. Here are some of the benefits I have found to trail running.

1. Scenery Change

Mountains, forests, springs, waterfalls, nature… Trails are beautiful. The scenery is never the same. I see so many animals while running, like deer, rabbits, tortoises, birds, etc. Also, the overall atmosphere is perfect. It makes me feel like I’m somewhere different, not in Florida anymore, away from all the stressors in life. It’s very relaxing to be surrounded by trees and wildlife. Being more relaxed makes my run that much more better. Also, many of us are indoors majority of the time surrounded by concrete and walls, trail running allows you to escape all of that!

2. Easier on the Joints

Trail running is great because the surface is soft, usually covered by leaves, pine needles, dirt, and grass which are much better for your joints when compared to concrete and asphalt. And if you are like me and run a lot, you want to keep your joints pain free and trail running, will help prevent any injuries that could be caused by running repeatedly on a harder surface. Your knees will be saying thank you if you transition to the trails.

3. Makes Your Body Tougher

Running on trails requires a different type of running style. It’s not just flat ground… you are going uphill, downhill, leaping over things, etc, your body never gets used to it because the trail changes. Also, if you are a trail runner, you will have a forefoot strike rather then a heel strike. Running on the middle of your foot is what you should be doing. If you are making the transfer from heel striking to forefoot striking, expect your calves to be sore but believe me, I am making the transfer now, and what a difference. My legs actually feel so much stronger and I feel so much more efficient while running. You take smaller steps but you go further in the long run.

4. The Trail Shoe: Very Minimal

Trail running shoes are a necessity if you want to become a trail runner. They make you do more of the work. They have more tread, they are built more durable, and lightweight. Vivo Barefoot is a shoe brand that carries high-quality trail shoes. I like to run in the Vivo Barefoot Neo Trail. It has very aggressive tread for off road surfaces, and I even have tried it on the road and it is manageable for road running. It also, has a water-resistant upper that is perfect for the outdoors. It has a big toe box that allows your feet to flex and a zigzag, lace-lock structure that will keep your foot secure in all circumstances. It is a thin shoe but also has cushion, as well as a removeable insole. Overall, a great shoe for running. The minimalist design is exactly what to look for when it comes to trail running.

Vivo Barefoot Neo Trail Shoes

I know the road may seem more convenient but sometimes you should “treat” yourself to something nicer. Where I live, I have to drive to get to trails but it’s totally worth it for me. But remember, train on what you will compete on. If you do more road races then I suggest sticking to the streets. However, I feel the trails would prepare you just fine for your road races. You will be ready for anything and your body will be even tougher. Go Nature!


3 thoughts on “Taking It To The Trails: Reasons Why

  1. Interesting. I’ve never heard of this but it sounds like fun and a good change of pace from normal runs. I like the idea of your body constantly having to make adjustments as the terrain changes and you have to overcome obstacles. Thanks for sharing!

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