How to become KLUTCH! “Get Ready For Summer”

For the month of May, I got to join the KLUTCHclub. It’s this cool new thing… for women, that is perfect for people trying to stay in shape and make healthy choices… so all of you! However, the future of KLUTCHclub will soon be KLUTCHmen and KLUTCHmom! So be looking for that.

1. So what exactly is KLUTCHclub?

Well it is simple. It’s a monthly subscription service that sends a curated and “themed” box of holistic health, fitness and wellness products right to your doorstep EVERY month! Each box costs around $17 but contains at least over $50 worth of products. The onto of May was themed “Get Ready for Summer”.

2. What the KLUTCHclub box contained for May!

It contained over $100 worth of products. Including O.N.E Coconut water, 2 Think Thin Bars, a KLUTCHclub water bottle, a Yoga Download Free Class, 2 Moving Comfort Apparel gift cards for $25 each!, and Hydroxatone Instant Effect — 90 second wrinkle-reducer (.33 oz). All for just $17!

The Month of May KLUTCHclub!

3.  Why do you need KLUTCHclub?

It’s a helpful boost and reminder each month for you, if you struggle with your goal of living a healthy life, then KLUTCHclub is perfect for you. With the KLUTCHclub you won’t get off track. Also, we all need some pampering, and the KLUTCHclub helps with that too. We are all busy, with work, kids, families, etc. so it’s good to just have this dropped off at the door, making you feel like it’s your birthday! I love getting packages! Also, you get so many products for such a great deal. Try it for a month, if you like how you feel and what you get, then become part of the KLUTCHclub. There are several options for purchasing, there’s no scam, you can buy a month and be done with it or continue for a year!

4. How to get KLUTCHclub?

For more info, check out, select a membership level, then get ready to enjoy a box of goodies delivered right to your door every month. Also, a great feature that is included is being able to see next month’s offering online at anytime. You can also purchase one-, three-, or a twelve-month subscription.


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