Running Technique: 5 Foot Position

When I go out running, I tend to watch other runners. I look at their technique… their arms, their legs, their feet, etc. and compare it to my own. By watching others and technique videos, I feel like my overall running has improved greatly. Your feet control a lot while you run. If your foot strike is not how it should be, it could just make everything else fall out of place such as your knees, quads, and hips. And that’s the last thing anyone wants.

Running is a repetitive motion. You do the same movements over and over again, that is why you want to make sure everything is correct because repeating something wrong and putting it into muscle memory, is really difficult to change. And that could be damaging muscles or bones that will make running a living nightmare. Don’t be scared of injuries because they are preventable. Just be smart about it. Go out and try practicing proper foot technique, that duck running looks painful so make sure that’s not you! Good luck with your running 🙂

Thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “Running Technique: 5 Foot Position

  1. Do you have any recommendations when it comes to buying the “equipment”? I have shoes I use for fitness, but they will not be good for running, will they? Do I need specific shoes for it?

    Thanks! =D

  2. Well you of course want shoes that feel good when your put them on. I have been testing a lot lately, and I do have my favorites. But if you are a beginner don’t buy a shoe thats minimal cushion. And where do you usually run? trails? sidewalk? street? that will also be a factor when finding a good running shoe for you, if you don’t run trails, don’t buy a trail shoe. Email me if you have more questions. Or tell me more about how you run and I can let you know what shoe may work for you 🙂

  3. Hi again!!

    I haven’t started running yet because of the shoes. In principle I am planning on running mostly on sidewalks and sometimes on trails. Where I live there’s mostly sidewalks or regular roads and then there’s this bit where I’d like to do it that has a little trail. In August I am moving to England and where I am gonna live there are roads/sidewalks of course, but also woods, and it’d be nice to be able to run there in peace, far away from the smoke from cars. Is there any kind of shoe that would be ok for both?

    Another thing is that my feet are flat, so I have to find shoes that are going to help me with that instead of having to buy insoles.

    I never thought this would be so complicated =P But I prefer to do it the right way and avoid injuries!

    Thank you very much for your help!!

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