Running Technique: Knee and Quad Position

So I don’t know how serious you are about running but knee and quad positioning are extremely important. Many runners develop bad knees from bad technique. You don’t want that to be you in a couple of years! So this video should help you prevent short-term and long-term injuries that may result from bad running technique.

I suggest videotaping yourself running. Then you can play it back and relate to this video in order to double check that you are doing everything you need to be doing while running. I used to do that when I was beginning to play tennis. I would videotape my practice or a match and watch to see if my forehand technique was correct or if my footwork needed improvement. It’s not weird to record yourself. Just try it! It’s fun to watch yourself improve as well.

Also, don’t over think what you have to do. Just watch the technique and see if yours matches up. Don’t make it too complex as too where your running goes downhill because you are thinking way too much. You want to be relaxed and you also want to be enjoying running. Overall, as long as you avoid the things that cause injury, I think you will be good! And your running will be even better!

Thank you for reading!


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