Shoe Review: Day 3 – 4 Mile Beach Run

Running on the beach!

Running on the beach was the final test for my Karhu’s. Since I live in Florida near the coast, I absolutely love going to the beach. I like to get tone and tan, it’s a small handful who don’t like that combination. So in order to do that, I go for a nice run along the shoreline then relax by soaking up some sun. Florida has beautiful weather, however, in the summer time things tend to heat up significantly. It was close to 90 degrees Farhenheit but thankfully the sea breeze keeps it slightly cooler. The sand at this particularly beach where I love to run is packed down and the ground is even so it makes the run so nice. I have been to beaches where the sand is thick, and really difficult to just walk in. Also, some beaches are sloped by the shore making it painful to run, definitely not the case here.

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The Karhu shoes worked perfectly. I had no problems at all. Some people may ask why I just don’t run barefoot on the beach? And I like to run with shoes because of all the shells. I don’t know if you have ever stepped on a sharp shell but it is not a good feeling. If you have never gone for a run on a beach, DO IT! The scenery is all paradise and if you get hot, just take a break in the water. Running and the beach are two of my favorite things and being able to combine them makes me the happiest I ever am. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Shoe Review: Day 3 – 4 Mile Beach Run

  1. Hi Katherine. I found your Karhu reviews just in the nick of time. I need to replace my Nike Air Pegasus shoes soon and I’m looking for something new. (I’m getting some mean shin splints after slightly less than 300 miles in the Nike’s and I’m not really a new runner. I’ve been running for 3 years). I have been researching the Karhu Flow Fulcrum even though I know it is built for distance runners and I only put in about 25 miles/week. It seems like you are pretty happy with the Karhu’s so far, but I have high arches and I’m wondering if the shoe is stiff below the arch. (I need something that is not). I also dislike the large footbed in my current pair of Nike’s. Is the footbed in this shoe smaller?

  2. Hey! So I do like them, you would like the footbed, but I don’t know about the arch. I don’t have a high arch. BUt before these shoes I was running in the mizunos wave elixir. And I think you may like those. They are so light and so comfortable. The karma’s seem a little risky. If there is a way to get your hands on a pair of either of these shoes to try them on, I would do that. I just don’t want you to waste your money. If you have more questions or want to talk. Email me at We can chat about shoes!

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