Show Review: Day 2 – 8K Trail Run

Trail Run!

Trail running is probably one of my favorite things to do. The scenery makes it so much more fun and enjoyable. Also, the trails are shaded, which is nice. Running on a treadmill or the road can get boring to me so surrounding myself with nature just gives me an extra boost.

Shoes still look good

Recently, I took my new Karhu running shoes to one of my favorite places to run: The Trails. I run these trails more often then any other place. It was once again a gorgeous day: Sunny, however shady in the trails, and about 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The trails I run are well wooded with a packed-down ground made up of leaves, dirt, soil, and other things you find in nature. The shoes I have been running in are great for trail running so I didn’t know if the Karhu’s would be able to keep up… Ohhh was I wrong for questioning their ability. The time flew by! Before I knew it, the trail run was over and I felt great! I think I’m finally getting ready for a race, I have felt a huge improvement lately in my running ability. Also, my feet weren’t hurting, which is great news! I have experienced shoes that make my feet hurt, blister, and cramp. Avoiding all of that completely made my day. Also, just make sure you where comfortable and high socks because that helps a lot. I like extra comfort while breaking-in new shoes and I have had some problems with my socks sliding down. You don’t want to be thinking about all of that while running but thankfully, the socks are an easy fix. So no worries. 🙂

Make sure when you get new running shoes to really test them out. See where they work best. It’s fun testing them out and seeing what they are capable of and seeing if they are the shoe for you. If you are interested in testing Karhu products… GO FOR IT! The link is below.

Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Show Review: Day 2 – 8K Trail Run

  1. Do you use the shoes for off road running exclusively or are they good for road running too? I use saucony for road running. I’ve never tried off road running but sounds interesting as I like nature and the outdoors a lot.

  2. Hey! I think you should definitely try running off-road! It’s a lot more fun if you have trails. You can create your own path… it’s great! But I liked these shoes for both but I would say they were better off-road. But everyone is different!

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