Shoe Review: First Day in the KARHU’s – 5K Road Run

Today I did my first run in my new KARHU’s! If you are like me, I am totally new to KARHU. I love trying new things so KARHU was sounding perfect from the beginning! I was sad to go out and get these beautiful new shoes dirty. But to start, I didn’t want to overdue it… I like to ease into new shoes in order to get my feet used to the new feeling so I started with a light 5K road run on a great day. The weather was partly cloudy and about 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Love it!

KARHU's Flow-Fulcrum Ride… All you can want in a running shoe.

My pair of KARHU’s are the Flow-Fulcrum Ride in Bright Violet/Scream. These shoes are said to be for the performance neutral runner seeking lightweight foot strike management with a highly responsive, durable forward ride. The sneakers are engineered with neutral performance fulcrum, the Flow-Fulcrum Ride is suited for faster, long distance running and racing with a clean, supportive minimalist design. But if this type of runner is not you, don’t fret! KARHU produces shoes for all levels and foot strikes. I already love many aspects about this running shoe. First thing I noticed when I put them on, was the extra comfort on the heel of my foot. There’s a lot more cushion along the bottom of my foot, which I like! Also, I have plenty of stability and ankle support. I laced up to the very top hole and it was perfect.  My run went very smooth. I had no problems. There was a little stiffness but every shoe I have ever owned has required a short break in period so other then that these shoes treated me very well.

First run in my new KARHU running shoes!

If KARHU’s aren’t known for their crazy, fun colors, they should be! The style nowadays for running shoes seems to be bright and vibrant colors. If you are like me, I love bright colors. I like shoes that stand out. While walking around my college campus wearing my new KARHU’s, I get so many compliments! I love the attention my running shoes give me.

The vibrant colors of KARHU made it love at first sight

I can’t wait to see where these shoes take me. I will be doing a lot more testing to see what they can handle! If you have any questions for me regarding the shoes, just ask in a comment! Or if you own a pair feel free to share your thoughts!


Thank you for reading!


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