6 Healthy Tips to Bring to the Restaurant

Eating out is supposed to be fun but for some it is more stressful because they think it will mess up their diet. Don’t make it stressful. If you are dieting and want to lose weight or if you just want to maintain weight and healthy lifestyle, here are some easy tips for what to do while eating out.

1. Stay Away From The Bread. To make this step easy, tell the server not to bring any bread to your table (if your

Olive Garden Breadsticks… 150 calories per one

table agrees with this suggestion). That is the easiest solution. However, if they do  bring it, all it takes is self control. But if you are out to eat, don’t stress. If it’s your favorite bread then have a slice, just don’t have a meal of bread before your actual meal. Also, if you have a slice do not load it up with butter. Have the power to tell yourself that you don’t need the bread.

Here are some examples of the bread at restaurants in the U.S. and how many extra calories that bread contains:

  • 1 Olive Garden Garlic Breadstick with Butter: about 150 calories
  • Outback Bread Loaf with Butter: about 470 calories. Remember: Those loafs aren’t very big.
  • Small Loaf of Bread at Carrabba’s: about 500 calories and the bread dipping sauce: about 50 calories

2. Drink Water.  It’s free and has 0 calories. It’s perfect! Also, beverages can get expensive. Drink water before your meal, during, and after. Since it’s free, don’t worry about refills, drink up! It’s good to stay hydrated and to keep your stomach a little fuller. Even while you are waiting for your meal and just starring at that bread, with your stomach growling, just drink water. It will give your stomach a distraction.

3. Avoid Appetizer’s. Appetizer’s to me are pointless. Nowadays, the entree’s are so large that an appetizer seems ridiculous to get. I don’t like to go to a restaurant and be full before I get my actual meal. If you must get one, then share it. Do not eat all by yourself. So many extra calories.

4. How To Choose An Entree. Look for entree’s that are not fried and DO NOT get french fries as a side.

A healthy and delicious side choice

Look to order something that is grilled or baked. And when picking sides for your entree look for vegetables, rice,  or a side salad (with light dressing). Restaurants offer many healthy choices, you just have to be smart enough to look for them and order them. Also, if you know the restaurant that you are going to, look up the menu beforehand and you can also look up how many calories are in each item. That will prepare you for a healthy meal out.

Look for menu’s like this (this link will take you to the Carrabba’s menu)! This menu tells you the serving size, calories, total fat, carbs, and protein.

Olive Garden Venetian Chicken is a healthier entree choice

5. You Don’t Have To Eat It All… To-go box it! To-go boxes are great. Many people finish their meal because they don’t want to waste it. So now you don’t have to keep eating even when you are full. You can save your extra’s and bring them home! Eat slow and take frequent sips of water so when you feel yourself starting to get full, push your plate a little bit away from you. Don’t eat more than your body needs.

6. Share Dessert. I love dessert but after my meal, I know I don’t need to eat more. However, if you can’t resist, share it with the table! Dessert’s are usually sharing size anyways so that makes it easy. Take 2-3 bits, satisfy your sweet tooth, and be done.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Going out is meant to be fun. So don’t get stressed out about what to eat. It’s easy to stay on track while on diet. All it takes is some smart choices. If you are wanting to lose weight, and if you want it bad enough, you will choose the healthier choices. It’s all up to you.


2 thoughts on “6 Healthy Tips to Bring to the Restaurant

  1. Great tips! I love bread so it’s hard for me to resist. Sometime I will eat a small salad before going out to dinner to get some extra veggies in and feel less hungry when I get to restaurant.

  2. I don’t go out to eat that often but when I do, I feel like its a reward, so sometimes I go crazy with how much I want to eat. Its no good! It undoes all my good eating behavior all week (which is why I feel like I need the reward).. not a good cycle!

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