Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K Run Results

Just yesterday, I ran in my 2nd 5K race (The Gasparilla Distance Classic) with one of my good friends and it was crazy! The last 5K I did only had about 200 people in it and then this one had 11,918! It was insane! In my 20-24 year old age bracket I got 11th place out of 475, which is a lot better then I thought I would have done. I’m really happy with my result. However, let me tell you about this hectic experience. Here’s a video though that I made from some footage I took. Make sure to watch it in HD… much better!

First of all, we (my friend running the race, my friend that’s just cheering, and me) arrive at the scene of the race and people are EVERYWHERE! It was just an entire street of people (you couldn’t even see the pavement for as far as you could see)! So we get there and we didn’t have any pins to pin our bib numbers on our shirts. We were panicking. In the panic for pins, we get lost in the crowd! I lose my friend that is running with me. It’s impossible to find anyone! There were so many people and we didn’t have our phones because we left them in the car due to that fact that we had nowhere to put them! Frantically, I’m searching for her. But the race is about to begin so I go to the start and thankfully, I found some pins. Finding the start was the next obstacle. I had no idea where to go. There were so many people everywhere that I couldn’t move. My other friend that’s just spectating soon gets pulled away from me by security saying,”SPECTATORS OVER HERE!” Then he pushes me forward. I was so thirsty and worried for my friends and about us meeting up after the race.

Next, the race begins. I’m stuck behind a crown of super slow joggers… I’m so frustrated because I can’t get around them. The cool thing though was that the bib had a self timer in it, so when you crossed the start line that is when your timer starts and then it stops once you cross the finish line… now that’s good technology! However, I was still walking behind super slow people when I crossed the start… I managed to make my way to the side of the crowd to run in the grass median of the road that was full of dibbits… I almost twisted an ankle. But finally, I was passing people. Sprinting to make up lost time though is a quick way to get worn out though. So after the turn around at the halfway point, I was able to run in the road again and have some space. But I was becoming fatigued… uhhh. But all in all my time was said to be 24:45, which is the slowest I have done since I can remember. But for all that I went through, I guess it was decent. And maybe a lot of people had to deal with it too because I placed high. I was just very displeased with the organization and set up. Maybe next year will be different! I hoping!

Overall, I had fun. I eventually found my friends and we took pictures to make some memories. Everyone in the race got a medal so we all felt like winners! I didn’t even know we were getting one, so that was awesome! Also, I looked great when I was running. I had new shoes on, new sunglasses and new shorts!  My new sunglasses are Under Armour Zone Performance sunglasses. They made me feel so intimidating as a runner. They are so slick looking and grip my head perfectly. I don’t usually wear sunglasses and these made me feel like I wasn’t even wearing any. They are so light! Also, it was a hot day so I was sweating like crazy(people were passing out left and right) and at no time did I feel like they were going to fall off. I felt like those glasses gave me an extra push. Also, it was so sunny outside so I was happy that I had them, I want to be able to see where I’m going! Also, I think I look good with them on. And that has a lot to do with everything!

Now, I look back and I had a lot of fun at this race even though it was kind of stressful. It was quite the experience. This race was my friends first 5K and she loved it! I can’t wait until my next one, which is on March 30th!


3 thoughts on “Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K Run Results

  1. Great job! Congrats on your finish its a great feeling when you cross that finish line. I ran the Gasparilla Half marathon this morning. It went great.

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