Crazy for Coconut Water?

Coconut water is a fairly new phenomena. I see people drinking it in class, while playing sports and after a workout. I see it everywhere!  I don’t know much about coconut water so I did some research to see what exactly all the hype is about…

What is coconut water? 

Coconut water is the liquid found inside young green coconuts before they mature… not those brown hairy coconuts that we are used to seeing in the grocery stores.

The coconut water doesn't come from coconuts that look like this

What are the benefits and nutrients?

Coconut water is 99% fat free, contains about 46 calories per serving(one cup) and low in carbohydrates. The great thing about coconut water is that it is high in Potassium. In about one cup of coconut water, you get just the same or more Potassium then in a banana. I play tennis and to help prevent cramps I eat banana’s. However, coconut water seems to get more done. It helps replenish the body with much needed electrolytes, helps the body stay hydrated, and reduces the risks of cramps. From brand to brand, nutrients vary slightly. But coconut water generally also contains Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium.

Is coconut water all natural?

Coconut water is not like your average sports drink or refreshment. Coconut water contains about 6 grams of sugar per serving, however, this sugar is an all natural sugar … not that artificial sugar that is put in most beverages and processed food.

Does coconut water contain vitamins?

Yes, coconut water does have vitamins! The main vitamins found in coconut water are Vitamin C and B Vitamins. Vitamin C helps strengthen your immune system. Helping to prevent you from illness that could disrupt your daily life. Each cup of coconut water contains about 5.8 mg of Vitamin C. Also, B Vitamins help boost metabolism, which is great for the many people interested in weight loss. Some B Vitamins found in coconut water are B6, Thiamin (B1), Folate (B9), and Riboflavin (B2).

Coconut water is also a natural diuretic and contains dietary fiber.

Some examples of coconut water found in stores

Which increases urine flow. It is good to increase this because it will help to cleanse your body of toxins. Having a diet rich in fiber is also good for cleaning your system. In one cup of coconut water, there is about 3 grams of dietary fiber.

Where do I get coconut water?

It is found in many grocery stores such as Whole Foods, and you can drink it straight from the coconut! Also, before purchasing a brand(there are so many to choose from), always check out the nutrition label to make sure you are getting precisely what you are looking for.

Any other uses for coconut water?

In the past, coconut water has actually been used as a replacement for plasma in blood transfusions. This works because it is pure, accepted by the body, does not produce heat, and does not destroy red blood cells.

Coconut water seems like a good choice to me! And with it being so pure and natural, I’m sure people of all ages could give it a try. It  has many benefits to you and your body. Also, if you like the taste, just like so many other people


10 thoughts on “Crazy for Coconut Water?

  1. hi Katherine. I live in the Philippines, in the tropics, and coconut water is such a natural thing for us. We drink it all the time, especially in the country. I love coconut water! And yes, if only the fresh one’s didn’t spoil as easily, I would rather have it as a drink for my 21k runs, than all those other “isotonic” artificial drinks. I just love coconut water and I’m glad you wrote about it. Yay!

  2. I’m pretty new to blogging, but I got to say I’m so glad I stumbled across yours! Been following it since I joined the site and I love it. You give great info on things I’ve wondered about such as coconut water. You have convinced me to actually try it =]

  3. Nice article to follow your last article advising people to quit diet soda. If one gives up soda and wants something more fun than water, coconut water looks like a healthy choice, thanks for the information 🙂

  4. I love coconut water! I practically grew up on it. I love drinking it out of the actual coconut, then cracking it open and eating the “guts”. LOL In Hawai’i, it’s kinda hard to find a chucked young coconut in the stores. Usually, I have to buy mines from a vendor on the side of the road. I’m so grateful that coconut water is becoming so popular that I can just buy it in a carton. I wished it came in a gallon! That’s how much I love it.

  5. I’ve only tried it once, and I didn’t love it. It had a strange taste – not quite sweet, but sort of syrup-y – difficult to explain. I don’t remember the brand I tried, but a friend gave it to me, and said she purchased it from Costco. I’m betting there are other brands out there that might be more enjoyable. Perhaps something from the refrigerator section instead of the store shelves would have fewer chemicals and a purer taste, but I’m not sure. Anyway, your post has encouraged me to give the coconut water another shot – it seems to have so many great benefits!

  6. Yea I hear some brands are better then others but I didn’t want to bash anyone so I mean I would just keep trying and hope for the best!! 🙂

  7. All about the coconut water is true,i dont fall sick when i started taking coconut water,is realy good for the body,give it a try.

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