The Skinny on Soda


Doesn’t matter if it’s regular or diet soda, soda is still soda. There is a lot of uncertainty with what exactly soda does to our bodies. There are so many variables and everyone’s body’s are different so it’s hard to say. We all have our own opinions but I think of drinking soda like smoking cigarettes. Neither of these activities have health benefits and they both seem rather pointless. I didn’t perform the studies that indicate diet soda being bad for you but all I have to say is I don’t see how it can be any good. I would just stop drinking it. If you want something with zero calories just drink water. Also, diet may say zero calories but it can still make you overweight. Even if you have always been drinking soda and it has never made you gain weight, you should just step back and think. It could still be hurting your insides and everything you can’t see. Here are some thoughts on soda and why you should avoid it altogether.

1. Obesity. Soda is full of sugar and regular soda adds calories without making a person feel full. Soda is just calories with no nutrients. I think of it as liquid candy. For example, gummy bears in a drink form. Diet soda may not have any calories but it still triggers appetite, which is definitely something you don’t want while dieting. Some say that artificial sweeteners trigger appetite and prevent brain cells sending a signal establishing that you are full. Also, if you don’t want to feel fat, stay away from soda because it bloats you and makes your waistline bigger.

2. Kidney Issues. Soda contains a lot of phosphoric acid which has been linked to kidney stones. I just don’t want anyone to have to deal with this so to make sure, let’s just stay away from soda!

3. Reproductive Issues. Soda is often found in plastic bottles. Plastic bottles contain BPA(bisphenyl-A) which is a cancer causing chemical that can cause premature puberty and reproductive abnormalities. I guess this isn’t the soda’s fault but bottles aren’t good for the environment anyways. So another reason to stay away from soda.

4. Heart Disease. Soda is loaded with sugar. Making you have a sugar overload whenever you drink it. This is definitely something no one should do. These drinks may be influencing heart disease risk factors even if people don’t gain weight. Daily blasts of too-high blood sugar can disrupt metabolism in several ways. High sugar levels increase triglycerides, lower good cholesterol and prompt the body to make an especially damaging, smaller molecule of bad cholesterol. Too much sugar also raises levels of inflammation, another risk factor heart disease.

5. Increased Risk for Diabetes. I actually think that diet soda isn’t singly increasing your risk for diabetes. Many people who drink soda are already overweight so they drink more diet soda so they feel like they are doing better for themselves by not drinking the regular soda. Soda isn’t the determining factor in causing diabetes but if you are overweight, you are more likely to develop diabetes. So I suggest exercising, rather then saving some calories by drinking diet soda. Just stay away from the artificial sweeteners. Pick up a water.

Just a chart on what soda may be doing to you

There’s a lot of controversy over if any of this is really true but I never drink soda so that makes it easy on me because now I don’t have to worry about it. I like to get benefits from what I’m eating or drinking so I choose water, juice or milk whenever I get thirsty. It takes 21 days to make a habit so if you are up for the challenge, try going 21 days without soda. If you feel the need to go back to drinking it because you MUST HAVE SODA in your life then I guess go back to drinking it. I can’t make you do anything. All I want you to do is just remember some of the things mentioned above.


16 thoughts on “The Skinny on Soda

  1. I switched to water instead of diet Soda’s about a year ago and do not miss it at all. Anything with that many ingredients can not be good. Another benefit is on the wallet, meals are much cheaper at restaurants if one just has water 🙂

  2. I drink an occasional guilty pleasure soda… but one thing I really don’t like about it is how it makes me feel bloated! If I’m ever going out or going to the beach, I don’t drink it!

  3. I gave it up a few years ago after seeing how it’s made. Grossed me out!!! Haven’t touched it since. I don’t know how I used to drink it everyday.

  4. I was a diet soda junkie for 27yrs well all my life until last August. After several attempts of trying to stop it I forced myself to do so. Every time I tried to quit were horrible. I will say the withdraw symptoms as I stopped drinking it for the first months were similar to what I have heard former drug users feel when they are breaking out of the habit. I felt the headaches, the shivers, the nausea you name it. Not to forget soda was making me constipated and drowsy. I decided to stop after having my mom end up in dialysis and reading about the some of the ingredients that you can find in our food. Fast forth a few months later I tried diet coke again at when I was at my cousin’s house she did not had anything else to offer except for a juice that was loaded with sugar and a diet coke. I only took a sip and had to stop. My taste buds could not handle it and I could barely gulp the sip that I had in my mouth. I had to drink several cups of water when I came back home after that because I could not handle the aftertaste. I now drink water instead everywhere I go. My body is very thankful for this abrupt change that I wished I had done it sooner.

  5. Thanks for the great post. Soda is SO HARD to give up. It is literally like an addiction. During the middle of January I drank a 32oz Mtn Dew Baja Blast from Taco Bell and then tried to play in a city league basketball game 2 hours later…. I felt sick!!! I felt gross and disgusting!! I vowed that night to give up soda for awhile, and today is 35 straight days for me without a sip of soda!!

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