Be a Pretty Dirty Girl

Running, Mud and Fun… All in One!!

Sorry guys but this is for girls only. I discovered this run the other day and thought it looked like something I would want to do. I think this run sounds like a nice change up from the usual road or trail that I take. The Dirty Girl is a 5k run through mud just for women. Women of all ages are welcome. You can be a beginner runner or advanced. All athletic abilities are wanted as well. Also, this run isn’t timed, you can time yourself but the Dirty Girl isn’t like a traditional 5k. During the run, you are pushed out of your comfort zone with obstacle courses that get you down and dirty. Teams are allowed and recommended because you can help each other finish to become a Dirty Girl Champ! The Dirty Girl is fun, thrilling, exciting, different, and full of laughter. It is said to be a day that you will always remember. And maybe even make life long friends.

Furthermore, part of the proceeds for entering the race are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I love running knowing that I’m doing something good for me but that I’m also doing something good for someone else.

The Dirty Girl is only held 9 times in 2012 so start planning accordingly because I’m sure this is something you won’t want to pass up. Obviously, since it’s not held frequently, the chances don’t come around very often to run in this anything but ordinary run! And by the picture above it really seems like a good time. I want to start running more adventure races so this may be the run I start with!



6 thoughts on “Be a Pretty Dirty Girl

  1. You sound like a bunch of STUD girls we need you, YOU ROCK, a lot of Germans, i bet, nothing wrong with that, i am too, part viking, love it, push yourself to the limit what a high!, also you don;’t have to post my replys most people don’t get them, its ok, i’m a crazy drunk GERMAN FRENCH NATIVE AMERICAN ASSHOLE forever!

  2. Wow that looks great – what a good way to make it about the event and not the race part. Good idea! Wish there were some in Canada, though, looks like all the events are in the States!

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