I need new RUNNING shoes! HELP!

I’m on a mission to get new running shoes. And I need your HELP! I recently went to a store called Fit2Run and there were just a ton of shoes. I didn’t even know where to begin. I want a shoe that is comfortable, durable, light, and looks good on. I tried a lot on. I’m just not sure what is the best. Shoes are expensive… at least to me they are. I just don’t want to waste my money on something that isn’t going to last or hurts my feet. I only run at most 6 miles a day. And I run on the balls of my feet not heels. So if anyone knows of a shoe that would work good for that then please let me know. These were my two favorites in the store. If anyone runs with these shoes or has a similar shoe or if you just run and love the shoes you have, PLEASE let me know.

Mizuno Wave Elixir 7

New Balance 1400


20 thoughts on “I need new RUNNING shoes! HELP!

  1. I run a good bit and have the Mizunos. I love my shoes! they are so comfy and worth the money. They do have a good heel on then though, if you are running on the balls of your feet and not heels i would maybe go for something more for barefoot runnning that doesn’t have much of a heel. if you aren’t afraid of shopping online for shoes check out onlineshoes.com they have good deals!

  2. asics shoes are my favorite! I get the same pair in just a different color every year and love them! I’ve worn them when I ran marathons, but still now when I only run a few miles most days. And I am definitely checking out that color run 5K!

  3. you should check out Vibram Five Fingers. They are great! I’m not a runner but I wear them for walking, hiking, working out, tennis, physical therapy, and everything else.

  4. I have the New Balance 1400 and I really like them. I’m training for a marathon, so I switch between those and Brooks Green Silence. I’m into lightweight shoes with a minimalist feel that can hold up with a lot of mileage, and the New Balance 1400 have been great for that. Good luck!

  5. Everyone is different, but I’ve been luckiest with the Mizunos – after trying Sauconys, Asics,New Balance and Nikes. They are VERY cushy for the balls of the feet.:) But, more than the other shoes I’ve worn, I’ve found I really need to change these out every 250 miles or so. Have fun with them!

  6. If you really want to save money you could try running with no shoes. I’ve seen a bunch of barefoot runners on the running trail lately. Apparently it is better for the legs but I haven’t tried it yet. I might just try it since the shoes are very expensive. Good luck!

  7. Hey Kat! Nice blog! My last pair of New Balance were super supportive. Try some minimalistic shoes, I have sanuk’s and they feel wonderful and I want to try five finger shoes for sports.

  8. Hey! I run almost everyday and here in the northwest we have a store that fits you for running shoes! They claimed the best was the brooks adrenaline-
    I tried it and am never going back- it makes a huge difference and is awesome!

  9. The Mizuno Wave Elixir’s are awesome, but they are very lightweight and don’t have a lot of cushion. That is my preference for shorter runs, but I have a neutral foot, and slightly pronate. To figure out what type of shoe is best for you (neutral or stable), it’s more important to figure out where you are landing on your foot (you can check your calluses or shoe wear for that)! I would recommend having someone analyze your feet…they can usually do that at a running shoe store. Here’s a brief article that may also help: http://sportsmedicine.about.com/cs/beforeyoubuy/a/aabyb_shoes.htm

    Good luck!! I love your choice of fun colors for the shoes…so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I run quite alot but I am more of a short distance and tend to stick to seven miles or below. I recently switched from Asics to Vibrams and found them a joy to run in. You do get a few odd looks from people but it has really improved my running and no more rubbing or blisters! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I just recently bought some vibram five fingers! LOVE them! Not sure they would be the best for you if you run on your toes though. I’m either barefoot when I workout or I’m wearing the five fingers and I’m not sure I can put a conventional running shoe on ever again. Good luck in your search!

  12. I would highly recommend finding a specialty running store in your area. They’ll look at your feet, your alignment, and how you walk and SHOULD properly fit you in a shoe based on what they see. I work at a specialty running store in Omaha, and that’s what we do. It all depends what you want in a shoe as well. Lightweight, traditional running shoe, minimal shoe……

  13. I agree with the most recent comment. Each shoe is different and so is each foot. I just invested in new running shoes ( I put it off so long that im pretty sure my toes were going to poke through soon) I got Asics Keyano model 17. They have asemetric lacing for better arch support and a really strong duramax. I love them> i have very high arches but I tend to roll my feet from out to in so i needed very good arch support. These are great. I have back problems and still insist on running…These shoes do the trick! 145$ well worth it!

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