Rest: Relax, Eat, Sleep, Think.

Today was nice. Slept in, watched tv, listened to music…  I basically did nothing. I know doing nothing sounds bad but my body needed it. I’m writing this post because I wanted to remind all of you that rest is good and somedays you should do nothing. I feel overworked and I haven’t been getting enough sleep so that’s when you just need to back off and tell yourself to stop. On days like today, I just try and be extra careful with what I eat because I know I didn’t do anything.

Good food!

So remember to eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and drink lots of water. I always forget to drink water on days I don’t exercise, which is not good. I actually should go get a glass. But always have your favorite healthy foods close by so you can make the best food choices. That easy task will help you succeed in whatever it is you want to accomplish. No matter what it is, eating healthy will always keep you on track. You can’t go wrong. I have come to find that I love KIND Bars.At the last race I did, they had a table and were giving them out. Thank goodness I grabbed a few. They were fantastic and a great pick-me up after a race or anything.

I wish I was sponsored by KIND Bars so I could have them all the time!


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