Finding time to do everything

The past two days have been awesome! I played golf, went kiteboarding, and completed a high ropes course! So sick. I woke up and my legs were like noooo… so tired! My arms are so sore too! It’s great! So at golf… there wasn’t too much intensity. But I hit well considering I don’t play. I got par on a few holes! Haha. What made it more fun was bringing a GoPro out there so I made an edit of our time at the golf course. I was trying to make golf look exciting in the video but its hard. The intensity just isn’t there. But I got to work on my editing skills so take a look. It’s only 2 minutes long and the song is awesome!

Then, I went Kiteboarding the next day! I have done it before. The last time I think was in May though and I’ve only done it a few times before that. Haha so it was almost like starting new. My boyfriend, Drew, is really big into the sport and he has a great blog so if you want to know more on kiteboarding, CHECK IT OUT!

I want to get to his level!

He taught me all I know. I used to be scared when he took me out but all that changed! I went out and did so good! I was riding back and forth, going upwind and even tried to jump! It was such a rush. It was so windy too. Usually, if it would get too windy I would go in, but not today! Someone was taking pics so hopefully I get to see those soon! I had the best time out there.

Right after that, we had to rush to the ropes course! It was so much fun.

After zip lining… 2 thumbs up!

If you are afraid of heights this is a good way to get rid of that. And when you get to the top you get to zipline down, which is so cool, if you have never done it. I love being so active like this. My body is tired but it’s great to feel like you’ve worked hard and accomplished something. I love living in Florida and being able to be in the water and outside in January and not be cold but hot and sweating.


2 thoughts on “Finding time to do everything

  1. Hey! If you surf you already have all the board skills and you are probably athletic so you should def give it a try. Watch some videos too! It helps. My boyfriend talks kiteboarding all day so finally, I was like… just take me. I felt like I already kiteboarded since thats all we ever talk about. haha And now I’m hooked!

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