Horseback riding on the beach

The water is incredible

I was so glad I had the opportunity to do this. I am not a huge horse fan but this was awesome! I highly recommend it. It was a rush, just so exhilarating and I’m not sure how but it opened my eyes. When I was on the horse, I forgot about life and any problems, any stress that I had going on.

Enjoying life

I just remember laughing and being calm not thinking about anything other then the beauty that surrounds us everyday. The water, the weather, the horse, everything was perfect. Also, this was in the Caribbean, incase you were wondering. I bet there are many locations around the world with these same characteristics.

I just look at these pictures and I can’t believe how blue the water looks. Its incredible. I feel so spoiled. Next time you want to spoil yourself… spend money on horseback riding in the water, it’s a memory that you will have forever!

A wave hitting us, so the horse was swimming. So cool!


2 thoughts on “Horseback riding on the beach

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  2. I’ve always wanted to do this! I’ve been riding my whole life and I’ve never had the chance to swim on my horse! Where did you do this?

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