Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Fitness for everyone

Lately, I have gotten into stand up paddling, which is also known as SUP. This sport is new and on the rise! It’s great because anyone can do it and you don’t need lessons! Less money to spend! Yahoo! All you need is a board and a paddle. So simple. My first day on a board, I entered a race… 2 miles in wind and waves. I was unaware of how much endurance, strength, core, and balance was needed in this sport. Since that day, I was hooked. It’s so different then anything I have ever done. I play tennis, run, rollerblade, play soccer, ride bikes, but paddle boarding… I had no idea! Also, something I am looking into is getting my yoga teaching certification. Yoga on stand up paddle boards is becoming a huge thing! I think that would be the coolest job ever. You find some flat water, go out with a group, and relax on the water in a beautiful location. If you get hot, just jump in!

Get out there and have fun!

Someone I helped get started. You could be next!

For more extreme people, this sport is almost like surfing. Except you are already standing and it’s super easy to catch any wave. I have caught about 1 wave so far and it was so tiny. I’m still getting over my fear of dying on a wave. haha. I will find a video just so you can see how awesome it is, if you take the time to get out there!  There aren’t too many great videos out there that I could find but this one should give you an idea.

My favorite thing to do is just go out and paddle for hours in calm water. If it’s clear and a sunny day… I couldn’t ask for anything else. I can feel every muscle working, which makes me so happy. My arms, legs, back, and core get worked constantly as long as I’m moving. And also, if you can’t balance, take it slow. Practice on your knees and paddle. That is also a great workout. Do what you are comfortable with. And if you go out in waves, your body will definitely feel it a little more.

You just have to get out there and you will love it!



4 thoughts on “Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Fitness for everyone

  1. Great article, I too am a little new to stand up paddling boarding and I LOVE it. I am determined to entering a race by the end of the summer…training is in full blast! 🙂 Happy to find other new SUP enthusiasts out there.

  2. Hey I haven’t been doing it that long! Because I borrow boards from my friends, once I get one to my own, SUP all day, everyday 🙂

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