Running – It Will Get You Where You Want To Go

So recently, I have tried to get into running. It was easy at first but once the soreness hit… OUCH! Getting out of the house was tough. But once I am out, it’s all up to me. I control the pace, I decide where I go, I say how far I go, I determine how hard I am going to push myself. There is really no excuse because I decide everything. Just remember, “The hardest step for a runner is the first one out the front door.” And I decide, if I have what it takes.

I’m learning to love running. It helps me relieve so much of my stress and it gives me time to think. And if I have a good playlist on my iPod, I feel like I could go all day. Pick songs that make you happy. I’m a college girl so many of my songs I doubt you would want to run to but this past week this is what my running playlist looks like:

Who Says – Selena Gomez, Who’s That Boy – Demi Lovato, I Like it Like That – Hot Chelle Rae, My Girl – Mindless Behavior, 2012 – Jay Sean, Good Life – OneRepublic (I absolutely LOVE them!), Absolutely (Story of a girl) – Nine Days, All the Small Things – Blink 182, Spending All My Time – Aaron Fresh, Bass Down Low – Dev, Semi Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind.

So these songs are just my playlist, EVERYONE is different. And if you haven’t heard some of these songs, look them up, you may like them. These are just songs I can sing in my head and they distract me from what I’m doing. Change your playlists often if you run a lot because then you will get bored… at least I get bored.

My schedule for running looks like this:

  • Monday: Run 3 miles or 25 mins. Can be outside or on a treadmill. Doesn’t matter to me!
  • Tuesday: Run 5-6 miles or 40-45 mins. If I feel good I keep going but sometimes I walk at the halfway point but I don’t include that in my total time. Just shoot for a time frame of total and if you walk don’t include it. (I feel like that’s kind of cheating yourself)
  • Wednesday: I run for 10-15 mins as a warm-up so don’t kill yourself during this part. Then I sprint in 1-minute intervals with a minute walking break. Repeat this 5-10 times or as many as you can do! Try and improve each week! Make sure to cool down after.
  • Thursday: is the same as Monday.
  • Friday: I usually do just a light 20 minute run. Nothing too intense.
  • Saturday: Is the same as Tuesday! Go hard cause Sunday you have off!
  • Sunday: Recovery day! RELAX! Woo!

Try this! I think it works. It was hard the first week but it’s getting easier. I’m going faster and getting stronger. I love seeing results. Here is a workout for people who don’t want to do mine, it says it’s for beginners so if you don’t run… Look into it!

What will you choose?



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